MLM Success- The MLM Success Declaration of Independence

Sep 6


Doug Firebaugh

Doug Firebaugh

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Have you read the Success Declaration of Independence for Network Marketers? It's 1776 again and freedom rings! Read on!


MLM Success Declaration of Personal Independence is a declaration of Success for all Network Marketers,MLM Success- The MLM Success Declaration of Independence Articles and declares that that It Is Time for Success to become the Dominating Force and Focus in your life, and your future. Many people today simply do not understand that Success can be obtained in life, whether MLM or any other entrepreneurial enterprise. This is" drawing a line in the sand, " and saying "Enough is Enough!" Negative thinking will only produce a negative life, and that is NOT what you want for your future and life. Declare today that you WILL Succeed and nothing or no one will stop you. PERIOD.

When, in the course of human events in MLM and Network Marketing, it becomes necessary for a person to dissolve the stifling and limiting bonds and chains which have connected them with other people's thinking and limitations, and to assume among the powers of the earth, that God intended all men to be Successful, and that it is their right for existence. It is necessary that others have a decent respect to the opinions of those who think and feel differently and want to create a better life for their family through Network Marketing, and requires that they should declare the causes which compel them to take a different path in life, a different thinking during the day, and a different expectation of the future. That is every Network Marketer's right, and privilege.

We hold these truths to be obvious, that all men are created for Success in life, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain Success rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of a future that includes Financial Independence, Freedom, and Options that most will never have in their life. That to secure these rights, non-traditional options for Success are created, deriving their Success Power from those who choose to walk that alternative Path of Victory and Success. That whenever anyone's thinking and limitations becomes destructive to another's future, it is the right of the people to abolish the influence of that negative thinking, and to institute new thoughts and expectations for their life, laying its foundation on such principles as positive and optimistic focus, and CAN DO expectations for Success.

But when a long train of abuses in negative thinking and influence occurs, it is the MLM Distributor's right, it is their duty, to throw off such Thinking and Negative Expectations, and to provide new Thinking and Expectations for their future security. Such has been the patient sufferance of the Network Marketer, and such is now the necessity to alter their former Influence and Negative Associations. The history from other people of their Negative thinking, negative words, and negative influence must come to a stop and must come to a stop NOW. Because of these Limiting, Negative, and Restricting Conditions:

I declare that Negatives are no longer accepted as a part, or any part of my thinking or thought process in Network Marketing. It can no longer be tolerated and will be eradicated.

I declare that Limitations are for people who want to limit their life, and my life shall never again be limited by any thought, expectation, situation, challenge, group, individual, philosophy, writings, or insight. It is my God given right to succeed in life, and I will walk in that right, and not be left behind,

I declare that all things in my MLM business are possible and will not be shaken by other people's misguided, misshapen, mishandled, misinterpreted, misinformed, and mistaken Success Strangling views which I no longer will participate in.

I declare that negative people are to be loved, and to be appreciated as for who they are, but no longer listened to, nor taken seriously in the light of the Success Path I have chosen in Network Marketing.

I declare that I have the Talent, Strength, Power, Gifting's, Resolve, Thinking, Determination, Personality, Focus, and Actions that will produce and create the Success I seek in MLM. All other differing opinions are wasted words, wishful thinking, whining winds, and worrisome pander.

I declare that Success is already a part of my life, and I just need to walk in that Success, not walk in the Struggle that many people have tried to chain me to, in my thinking, expectations, and actions. I choose CHANGE, not their chains.

I declare that I was Born for More, and Destined for Greatness. I will have more in my life. More time, more freedom, more income, more happiness, more joy, more security, and more Life in my Living, so help me God.

I declare that anything that will try to hinder me, I will go over it, under it, around it, or through it, but I will not be denied in my Network Marketing business.

I declare that my Success is assured as the sun rising tomorrow, and I will rise in the light of my New Thinking, Expectations, and Actions to higher levels of Success and Achievement that once thought impossible by others. Impossible is only the opinion of the Improbable crowd. I refuse to stand in that crowd any longer.

I declare that my life will start becoming what it CAN BE and WILL BE, not what I was told it should be. Should be's are the limiting chains in my thoughts that I now throw off of my mind and declare FREEDOM from all those former should be's, wanna be's, and never be's.

I declare that my Success will be ongoing,and OnFIRE, and NOT just a temporary event that many expect. This Success I shall build will become a Million Dollar Dream that I walk in, and live in. It will not be hindered nor held hostage by the Negative people who do not believe in Millions, but only limiting opinions of the deceived.

I declare there is NO ONE, NO THING, NO EVENT, NO EXPERIENCE, NO THOUGHT, NO VIEW, NO PERSPECTIVE, NO PERSON, NO OPINION, NO WORDS, and NO INFLUENCE outside of the Creator Himself, that can deny my Success, and My Life that I have planned in my MLM business.

I declare that I will no longer participate in the Minor Thinking of Life, and instead participate in the Major Thoughts that shake worlds, shiver hearts, shape minds, and change lives.

I declare that I have a RIGHT to SUCCEED and no one has a RIGHT to STEAL that Path I have chosen to walk, and if anyone attempts to, it will be met with a resistant force so strong, that there is no negative BELIEF that can defeat it, and no limiting Decision that can Conquer it. Minor Mind Thieves will no longer be allowed to steal my Major Dreams, nor future.

I declare that from this point forward, I will no longer walk in the Shadows of other people's Limited Thinking and Expectations, and I will no longer walk in the darkness of a life that was meant for Huge Success and Huge Achievement in Network Marketing.

I declare that I WILL become totally and radically Financially Independent.

I declare that I will become the person that everyone else said I could never become.

I declare that I will create such a Radical Success Shift in my life, thinking, and results, that people will stand in awe of the changes, as that is my right and duty for my family.

I declare that I will become the most Disciplined person I know, and operate in a manner that attracts Success like a Magnet on Steroids.

I declare that I will only have one focus, one FIRE, one force, and one phrase in my Success pursuits: "Whatever it Takes."

I declare that I will become the first person in my family and with my friends, to live a life that only others dream of, and then pass this New Success Focus on to them, so they may become the best they can be, and live the life of Most that they want to see.

I declare that I will commit to Win at this MLM venture, and Win BIG. My dream will not be detoured, deterred, detained, or destroyed. I will detoxify my mind with Devastating Success and Victory.

I declare that the Direction has been decided, the Trail to Be Tried, The Future is Forged with the Fire of Success in Network Marketing.

I declare that I will not be Pulled on, Pulled in, Pulled down, or Pulled out of Network Marketing.

I declare that I will not Give in, Give way, Give out, or Give up on my Success pursuit. Success is inevitable. I will no longer meander in the Maze of Mediocrity. I will Walk in the Path of Purpose and Power.

I declare that I will no longer conform to the Cancer of Can't, and will confirm constantly the Condition of CAN.

I declare that I will never let up, set up, give up, or shut up on Success, no matter what others give me as far as their Negative opinions.

I declare that I am determined to dare to do till I drop, and continue doing till DONE.

I declare that I will Rehearse, not rehash, Refuel, not refill, Retool, not retire, and Remain, not be removed, in my Network Marketing Journey of Success.

For these reasons, and by these reasons, I declare today that Success is MINE, and my life is now a Gold Mine waiting to be dug, drilled, and discovered, and exploded to the surface the Greatness that lies within us all placed there by our Creator. Success WILL be a part of my life and future, and I will never again be a part of anything that is less than that, and is a part of that.

MLM stands for MOST (in) LIFE (and) MORE. I shall have the MOST in my LIFE, and even MORE in the future.

I declare this, decree this, demand this, as I decry, deny, and say Goodbye to anything different. And on this day, my Personal Success Independence is Assured, and Success will be my life from this point forward, so help me God, in MLM and Network Marketing.

Signed _______________________

Date ________________________

Witness ______________________

Blessings….Doug Firebaugh

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