Bullies Are No Longer Just Cowards With Low Self-Esteem

Sep 4


Jon Daniels

Jon Daniels

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Bullying has taken to a whole new level with the introduction of modern technology. It allows bullies to become faceless and therefore pushing new boundaries in bad behaviour.

Having been bullied in the past I know it leads to self-esteem issues and learning difficulties as a victim. But bullies of today can no longer just be referred to as cowards with low self-esteem themselves.
Whilst all the anti bullying programmes are terrific,Bullies Are No Longer Just Cowards With Low Self-Esteem Articles do they actually stop the behaviour or just raise awareness of what is happening in the real world. It is not just about stopping the bullies and reducing the number of victims, we also need to understand what makes people act in this way,
Research has shown that bullies do have certain characteristics. The rarely work alone, it is normally in a group. They tend to be impulsive and act without thinking. A lot of the time there is a lack of parental control over what these people get up to except for exposing the bully to aggressive behaviour at home. Along with this, TV shows and computer games are now become more in depth and allowing violent behaviour to seem more acceptable in reality.
Historically boys were the majority of bullies and prone to more physical violence. Today’s bully is equally split in sex with more confidence and more social skills. Firstly they can hide behind emails and mobile phones to pick on people and secondly group culture eggs people on to do bigger, more risky tricks on people.
This means the more bullying behaviour shown, the more popularly you become in school until people start to mature and realise how wrong the behaviour is. So you can know see today’s bully is not a cowardly cretin, it is someone seeking approval from an early age.
Whilst they have high self-esteem during a false reality, later in life, it is the bullies who will have emotional problems whereas the victims become more intelligent to learn from their experiences.

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