Fighting Fluxing Fear

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Fear is usually an extremely fearful feeling for most of us folks. things in our stomachs become all astir, and begin to flounder around – our minds become dreadfully manic, our feet freeze, and our entire

... functioning biological forms just seem to fizzle. We have to admit,Guest Posting it’s very hard to focus when we are petrified. Imagine parking our brand new four-wheeler in our new-fangled garage, flipping through the mail, and finding that the fourth envelope has three formidable letters on it – IRS!

Frantically, all of our neurons begin to flux, flash, and flicker as we flashback to those flamboyant deductions we formulated, and we become flustered with fear. Not wishing to fan the flames of already fomented fright, our fortitude fails us, and we fuss and fume for four or five hours before we finally realize the fallacy of further fervor,

When face-to-face with some freaky fiend, or frightful unconformity, those wee creepy creatures stop fuming,  and open the damned envelop! As we unfold the foundation of our fears, we are faced with the fortunate fact that our fierce fatalisms were fake – it’s a refund!

“Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” (George S. Patton). That’s what 99% of our fears do – they fatigue us!

They are fabricated in our minds, and unfounded. They cause us to flounder and forsake our common sense, and force us to panic. Conquering the chilly, churning, creepy consternation within us, can be quite a challenge if we allow it. Fear, as with all of our emotions, derives its power from us --- if we can control the source of it’s power, then we control it!

Even though putting the clamps on our fears isn’t easy, it’s comforting to be conscious of the characteristics that can cause it to almost completely collapse under most conditions. They are a combination of our commitments to common sense, coherent exercise, cognition, and consciousness (awareness), and all four will sum up our confidence. Intrinsically, our instinctive intelligence (common-sense) instructs us as to the in-advisability of injecting ourselves into an inhospitable place or circumstance – it’s irrational, for we would only be inviting indignation, ill treatment, and possibly injury.

Common sense is that inner voice, that we can’t seem to find, that tells us not to put our hand in a fire, to look before we cross a street, and to watch out for the cow crap in the barnyard. Maybe we should strive to secure the site of that submerged voice within us, and sharpen it’s sound to a scream; so the next span of time we find ourselves in a scary or speculative situation, the little sucker will speak up in a more significant and sensational strain of loudness – that way, it may be more apt to stabilize our self-control, and salvage our sanity.

In order to secure ourselves more often in safe surroundings, and to augment our common sense, we are compelled to be more conscious of life itself. We can live our lives more fully by being aware of everyone, and everything around us – and the more we relax, the more aware we will be. Don’t just touch something, what does it feel like? Don’t just glance, what do you see? Describe it in your mind. When we smell something, designate what it is. The same with taste, what the hell is that? Don’t just read a magazine, understand every word – keep a dictionary and thesaurus at home, and in your car. Another way to intensify our awareness is very simple, pleasurable, and relaxing – it’s referred to as meditation. All we do is sit or lie down, and concentrate on relaxing every muscle in the body, and allowing every thought to just “flow on through our mind.” It’s that simple – like everything else, the more practice, the more sensitive we become – the more sensitive, the more aware we are to all that is us, and around us.

Common-sense is also tremendously enhanced through cognition – the more knowledge embedded in our brains, the more data common-sense has to draw upon, analyze, compare to the situation, make a decision, and smack us up side our awareness. The more expansive our education, the more enduring and effective we are. It engenders us with mental energy, and empowers us to extend our exposure, exceed our expectations of almost every expedition we may exert our entrepreneurship on, the more enthusiasm we exude, and the more effective our efficiency. Knowledge also opens our mind to a multitude of new experiences and opportunities that we would normally not even be aware of. Want to know something else you already know?

Coherent exercise is genuinely good for both guys and gals, whether we be young and agile, middle grown, or gray haired. When we goad our happy selves to go-ahead and exercise, we say goodbye to excess girth, and gain more gracefulness, gaiety, and become more genial. Guys believe they look more like a god, and gals like a goddess. And that’s not the only benefit! We are more upbeat than beat up. Our blood flows more benevolently through our bodies and into our brains, which is a blessing, because it bestows more bustle to all the creepy plasma, and lets them brainstorm more bodaciously.

An additional bonus is that it boosts the bounce and bearing in the breath of our lives. And if you believe that’s good, consider this! Not only do all those creepy creatures become happier, but also the neurons begin to network, and tend to negate nervousness, plus neutralize the neurosis of fear.

Common sense, coherent exercise, cognition, and consciousness, all immensely invigorate and maintain our vitality and our confidence in our happy selves. We are all very well aware of the advantages of exercising and ingesting healthy food, learning, and being “aware”; and how all three enhances our common-sense- it just makes sense!

Naturally, confidence is nothing more than having faith in yourself, believing that you can accomplish any worthy goal your may wish to pursue. The more we trust in our abilities, the more flimsy and feeble fear becomes, and eventually completely falters. Besides the above, is there anything else in our basket of courage we can make a habit of to strengthen and support our confidence?

I’m elated someone asked, for the answer is yes – and as good fortune would have it, we do it everyday to one degree or another, in everything we do --- patience and perseverance! For instance; having the patience to take the time to our children we love them is a very wonderful thing to do – however; when correcting them, having the patience and perseverance to calmly explain why, lets them know you do love them.

Amazingly, 98% of our fears are nothing more than misty shadows in our minds – mental silhouettes that mutate our reality, and are the wellsprings from which our imaginations derive all those mythical misfortunes we are convinced will befall us. We have a tendency to harken to a den of mystics who market so much cow dung, they can neither explain it, nor identify it. Dreaming is one thing --- nightmares are another!

We must also have patience with our happy selves; we all realize that no matter what we do, we are going to make mistakes. When we do, just don’t give up – persevere, keep going, continue, don’t give up, endure, give ourselves a break – regardless of what anyone says or does, personify ourselves with everlasting tenacity – if we have a worthy goal, TO HEck WITH FEAR ...if no-one else is blocking us, why should we?????????

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