How To Discover The Hidden Knowledge Inside Of You

Jun 17


Dien Rice

Dien Rice

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When I was a kid, I loved to lie back in the ... up towards the ... while lying back, I'd stick my feet up inthe air and look at my little feet with the ... behind them.


When I was a kid,How To Discover The Hidden Knowledge Inside Of You Articles I loved to lie back in the grass,
staring up towards the sky.

Sometimes, while lying back, I'd stick my feet up in
the air and look at my little feet with the clouds
moving behind them. Then I'd pretend that I was
walking across the sky. These are some of the fun
things we do as kids, and as we grow up we forget about
this kind of magic...

Another thing I used to do was to look at the clouds
and see what sort of shapes I could find.

Sometimes I'd see a bird of some kind, sometimes a boat
floating across the sky, and sometimes I'd even see a
person's profile... And countless other images!

These shapes are always in the sky. How long has it
been since you looked? They are always there when there
are the right kind of clouds - but - you don't see them
unless you look for them.

It's like the talent and knowledge that's lurking
inside of you. You have within you very useful
knowledge which would be valuable to many other people.
It's all based on the things you have done, the
experiences you have had. But most of the time many of
us think, "I don't know anything of value."

The truth is, it's like looking for shapes in the
clouds. Unless you look for them, you won't see
anything there. But once you start searching, you will
discover that there are many meaningful shapes in the
clouds, which until a moment ago were completely

What have been your experiences in life? I'm sure there
have been plenty...

Instead of talking about myself, let me tell you about
a good friend of mine. He's a very talented fellow - he
plays the guitar and has also written what I think is a
very good movie script, which I hope one day gets made.
But another thing which interests me is that this
friend of mine has traveled a LOT.

He's been a "backpacker" - traveling from country to
country - for about 10 years, mostly working as a
waiter in the various locations. He's ready to settle
down now - I think! But he's lived all over Europe,
Asia, and Australia (he's originally from Canada).

I've told him that many people would find it
interesting to read about his experiences. This is a
lifestyle that many people wonder about, but, due to
circumstances, never get to try. I know that I would
find it very interesting! However, he questions whether
people would really be interested in this, even though
his traveling experiences are unique and beyond the
experiences of most of us.

Many of us are like that. We have unique experiences
and knowledge, yet because we are so close to what we
know, we don't realize how interesting and useful it
could be to other people who have never had those

You have some very interesting and useful knowledge
lurking inside of you. To find it, start searching for

Just like looking for the shapes in the clouds - you
don't see them until you start to look...

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