Beats Online Along With Promotion And Distribution For Rappers

Nov 24


Kyle Artzt

Kyle Artzt

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Another article written to help independent musicians and rappers understand the game of beats online, distribution and promotion on the internet. Reading this puts you ahead of the game for most hip hop artists.

Everything about the music industry has changed dramatically in the last couple of years with beats online. It can be argued that there are an entirely new set of rules for the digital age's music industry,Beats Online Along With Promotion And Distribution For Rappers Articles so it's very important to understand the differences in order to plan your marketing strategy as a hip hop artist accordingly. The good news is that it's now more feasible to believe that you can make some serious coin from your raps or rap beats without necessarily signing to a record label of any kind. The bad news is that it's become seriously hard to get signed to a major record label.
With the invention of programs and software such as Pro Tools or Reason it's become possible to get some seriously good recordings made in the comfort of your own house. There's not a huge need to go to a professional studio anymore and so it's become much more likely that the whole process of recording, mixing and mastering will be done right from the house. Rap beats can be found online. In the digital age it's very possible to do everything yourself and so what's the use of a major label anyway? With all the recordings coming in it's easy to see why majors are signing less talent, they're simply being bombarded by demo CDs.
This isn't really that much of a downer though, honestly. It's not like major labels are still dominating the way they used to anyway. Before it may have been your only real chance to make it in this business... To send your CD off to a major and get a record deal with one of the big boys. Now that isn't the case. It's actually becoming smarter to promote yourself independently or at least sign to an independent record label instead of the big companies who used to rule with an iron fist. Major labels are actually doing worse than ever, while independent labels beats the competition.
The reason majors are not doing as well in the digital age is because they're having trouble adapting to the new environment which musicians find themselves in. The game of promotion has changed completely and majors still aren't realizing it. With the invention of the world wide web came a phenomenal outbreak of promotional tools which are free to use and available to everybody. Websites such as MySpace, YouTube and Facebook are easily some of the most influential pieces to the rap puzzle. Now an artist can promote themselves independently, for free, so what's the point of signing a deal?
The independent industry is also doing a lot better in general because of the development of online technology. Billboard magazine, which is basically the biggest authority there is in the music industry right now, suggested that 50% of album and single sales in 2009 were sold through independents. That's a seriously high number! Companies online now allow you to distribute yourself on all the major mp3 retailers including iTunes for an extremely low cost. It's very important though to understand that if you plan to come up in today's music scene, you need to own the instrumentals you use. To pick up some rap beats online just visit the links in the paragraph below.