How To Get Big Media Promotion--Without Paying For It

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Have you priced big media ads lately? Yikes! A big ad in ... ... can run you a couple thousand bucks. ... which used to be cheap, can cost several ... each. And le

Have you priced big media ads lately? Yikes! A big ad in your
daily newspaper can run you a couple thousand bucks. Radio
commercials,Guest Posting which used to be cheap, can cost several hundred
dollars each. And let's not even talk about the price of TV

Expensive media advertising is great if you can afford it, but
you may not have to pay a cent to get covered big time by big
time media. Each day thousands of media outlets give away
millions in news coverage, promotional tie-ins, and adlibed

It doesn't matter if you are a small business that can't afford
advertising or a larger firm who could use a boost to your
existing marketing budget. Going after no-cost media coverage is
an important effort that will pay huge dividends over time.

Here is how to get your share of the free media bonanza:

1. Most media need a steady stream of prizes to give away. Radio
stations offer free items to listeners. Newspapers give bonus
prizes to their delivery people. Rather than buy prizes, most
media like to get them from businesses in return for a free
mention on air or in print.

Kevin Nunley of tells the story of a radio station
that offered free ads for someone to remove the snow from their
parking lot. "A guy with a tractor showed up, removed the
snow,and we immediately started giving expensive commercial slots
away to the guy's little snow removal company."

Some media may require you to buy advertising before they will
give away your products or services. Once you figure in all the
free mentions you will get on air or in the paper, the cost of
the ads may turn out to be quite cheap.

2. Send out your own press release. I like to call media in my
town and tell the reporter the meat of my interesting story or
information. Get right to the juicy part. If your information
relates in some way to a story that is already in the news, tell
the reporter.

Then I email and fax a copy of my press release. Make sure you
include phone numbers where you can be reached at a moment's
notice. The reporter will often think of follow-up questions
that need to be answered immediately.

While you're at it, have a PR service email your press release to
media nationwide. You can't imagine all the radio, TV, and
newspaper outlets who need a story like yours right now. More on
tips about how to do this at my MarketingHelp.NET site.

3. Get on talk radio. It is super easy. All you need is some
information the general public would find interesting or helpful.
It doesn't matter where you get your information. Most likely it
is something you know from your work, but you could just as
easily spend an afternoon at the public library boning up on the

Listen to the talk show a few times before you call. Call early
in the show before everyone gets interested and starts calling.
Wait for a topic that relates to your information, then call.

You can also call or email the host or producer and suggest
yourself as an expert. This isn't being egotistical or pushy.
Radio talk hosts need a steady supply of interesting guests.
When you suggest yourself you help the host do her job.

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