The Sweet Savor of Triumph

Jan 2


Greg Beckemeier

Greg Beckemeier

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Imagine this scenario: You're on a sales visit to a crucial potential client, but you can't get a meeting with the decision-maker. As a creative thinker, you leave behind a box of donuts as a token of your consideration, presented in an appealing, custom donut box with your business card prominently displayed on top.

Later,The Sweet Savor of Triumph Articles the decision-maker enters the room for a coffee refill and is greeted by the irresistible scent of fresh donuts, a tantalizing aroma that's as enticing as the prospect of success. Intrigued, they approach the box.

This isn't just any box, though. Instead of the logo of a well-known donut chain or local bakery, the box features a large, cheerful smiley face with the message "Have a great day."

Compelled by curiosity, the decision-maker opens the box to find a chocolate-covered donut that seems to have been made just for them. Without a second thought, they take a bite. The experience is delightful.

Relaxed and enjoying the unexpected treat, the decision-maker's curiosity about the box persists. Upon closer inspection, they notice your business card. As luck would have it, your product is exactly what they were planning to research the next day. Impressed, they jot down your name and number. The following day, you receive a call from their purchasing department, not just for a quote, but because the decision-maker specifically requested they contact you. There's no competitive edge quite like a direct referral from the top.

The truth is, food, particularly donuts, can be a potent sales tool. Here are the top ten ways donuts can boost your sales:

  • Your name becomes associated with a positive experience.
  • The memory of your visit lingers for days.
  • You can bring donuts as often as you like.
  • The act of giving creates a sense of obligation in the recipient.
  • Your business card on the box serves as a silent salesperson all day.
  • Your visits are always welcome and even anticipated.
  • Donuts are a cost-effective alternative to lunches out or event tickets.
  • Donuts are a unique and unobtrusive gift, unlike another coffee mug.
  • Donuts can help you get past the front door.
  • The top reason is the "water cooler effect."

The "water cooler effect" works like this: By bringing donuts, you gain access to the inner circle, meeting people who influence purchasing decisions and becoming one of them. You're seen as an ally, not an adversary, positioning you as the first person they think of when they need your product.

That's what we call positioning for success!

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