Dear Santa . . . Ten Most Wished for Little Boy Gifts

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With Christmas time just around the corner, little ones are sealing their letters to old Saint Nick in hopes they have made their way to the nice list. So what are little boys wishing for most this year? Read on to find out. There is something for everyone on your nice list.

1.      D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur

The D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur will roar his way into the heart of your little one this Christmas and allow him to be big on imagination! D-Rex is lifelike with its reptilian skin and behavior and will be the ultimate pet. With the remote control,Guest Posting your child will be the director of everything from dinosaur attacks to predator pranks where he can cause his sisters to gross out with a T Rex burp! D-Rex can also respond to voice and touch and although ferocious-looking, it is a very loyal dinosaur.

2.      The Lego Advent Calendar

With the Lego Advent Calendar, you can begin twenty-four days of fun the moment you get your hands on it. A wonderful gift for the whole family to enjoy, the Lego Advent Calendar opens the way for holiday genius with a new mini figure or Lego accessory for every day of adventure . . .and a surprise ending! The 24 city-themes for the season include 10 minifigures and other accessories and more, providing endless surprises each day.

3.      Night Vision

Kid’s technology just got more realistic with infrared Night Vision Goggles. Night Vision enables kids to sneak through the house on a covert operation for the hidden treasure . . . in complete darkness! Experience a truly authentic night vision adventure  with actual infra-red driven technology which allows you to see clearly even in complete pitch darkness as far as 50 feet!

4.      The Nerf N Strike Long Shot

For the little marksmen in your family, the Nerf N Strike Long Shot is topping the charts at the North Pole this year and with its cool look and easy to use design it’s no wonder kid’s are falling fast for this hottest item to leave the Elf Workshop! At more than three feet long, this awesome blaster has two quick-reload clips and sends darts zooming up to 35 feet away!

5.      Martian Matter Alien Maker Spaceship

For the budding artist or scientist on your list – Martian Matter is a unique alien creating play set that allows little imaginations to run wild. Build a critter to keep and show off or dissect one for a science experiment gone gooey. There are 14 different half-molds for you to mix and match and create up to 90 different wacky aliens. Use the spaceship’s pod to create endless cosmic adventures for the aliens!

6.      The Nintendo Wii

The Wii is so amazing; it has survived two Christmases as the number one seller in electronic chains around the globe. From every day game play to learning fun, the Wii has something that will please both child and parent. More than just being a game machine, the Wii also provides infotainment – i.e. both information and entertainment suitable for every member of the family.

7.      Lego Batman Video Game

Lego is back and better than ever with the first ever Lego Batman game. Little gamers and builders alike are crossing their fingers, hoping to find this item, wrapped in bows awaiting them on Christmas morning. They will then be able to master special superhero power-suits and new moves together with the special weapons designed for each character.

8.      Bakugan Battle Arena

Japanese animation does it again with Bakugan, a battle game of wits and strategy. The Bakugan Battle Arena allows little fans to bring the wonder of the TV phenomena to the comfort of their own homes. As each card affects the battle differently, strategy is needed to place the metal Gate Cards effectively.

9.      Crayola Glow Station

Crayola’s Glow Station will light up their playtime like they light up your life. Let their imaginations glow brightly with every stroke of the brush Glow Station comes complete with a large canvas for their favorite playtime space. It will empower them to create in a way they have never done before.

10.  Guitar Hero on Tour for Nintendo DS

For all of those budding musicians and rockers, the Guitar Hero on Tour bundle is an ideal gift to allow them to jam out on the go or on the sofa. They can select from a large collection of Gibson guitars and musical venues and jam along with six different characters.

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