Dress Modestly While Staying Stylish

Mar 20


Puja`s Sharma

Puja`s Sharma

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Concepts like modesty, morality are some of the excessively debated concepts. Its hard to define the limits and demarcations of modestly and morality....

Concepts like modesty,Dress Modestly While Staying Stylish Articles morality are some of the excessively debated concepts. Its hard to define the limits and demarcations of modestly and morality. They are the ideas which are more of subjective in nature, your modesty level can't be defined on someone else's model but still you need to strike a balance between the modesty standards of yours and the standards society holds. When it comes to the dressing sensibility of a woman then the issue gets more sensitive then it could be otherwise. To achieve that balance you can take care of some of the delicate things in your dressing.The key idea behind dressing up modestly is that you need to dress up in a way that you draw maximum attention to your face instead of your breast and back portion. To do so, you can choose the clothes with nice collar designs, instead of detailed chest designs. Its best in your favor to avoid exclusive cleavage showing clothes. The jewelry that can help bring maximum focus to your face is a nice necklace, big earrings etc. The next important thing that you need to keep in mind is that, when you need to dress modestly, you should avoid transparent clothes. Its hard to create balance between modesty and see through clothes. So its better to be on the safer side and avoid clothes with thin fabric and transparent clothes.A garment which adds maximum modesty and grace to your dressing sense is the scarf. When you are trying to maintain a modest dressing sense then you should start collecting beautiful scarves in your wardrobe. They are pretty to wear with tops, dresses, winter coats and possibly with most of your attires. So pair your dress, tops with light scarves. Sometimes it's a nice choice to wear a thick, heavy scarf with a light fabric dress. The kind of bottoms you choose to wear is one of the defining factors in your modestly level of your dressing. When you need to dress up modest then definitely you need to avoid extra tight bottoms. Not to wear tight bottoms doesn't mean you cant wear some of your favorite bottoms. All you need to do is that your panty lines should never be visible. Choose the bottoms like ladies jeans, pants and many more that are nicely fitted to your figure but doesn't reveal more than you want them too. To start wearing clothes in layers is one another nice thing to do. To wear clothes in layers makes you feel good too. A layer of thin sweater over a nice top, a scarf wrapped around your neck, a smart, casual jacket are often a great help in making you look more then modest. This is the amazing way to look both stylish and modest.

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