Free Article Marketing: The Best Idea Yet

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One of the great ways to let people know about your website or business is online article marketing. When you market your ideas through articles,Guest Posting you are posting content rich subject matter. The subject matter allows people to see that your website is not just about making money, but offers helpful information in return. For example, if you are running an online dating site you could post articles about dating tips and relationship advice. As people see that you have value to offer in exchange for your services, they will be more enticed to purchase your product or join your membership program.When you post articles Google can spider such articles, which allows millions of people to access your material. They can click on your article as it pops up in their natural search results. People that come to your articles through targeted keyword searches are much more likely to look into your website. If your website provides what they are looking for then more likely than not you have a new customer. You can build relationships with customers over time as your mailing list grows.The wonderful part about article marketing is that it can be completely free. Thousands of people look through Ezine articles every single day. You can submit your articles to Ezine for absolutely no cost. Ezine is just one of many article directories that will publish your articles for free. Your articles can contain your back-link to allow interested persons to investigate further into your advice and offers. As you build back-links to your website, your page ranking for Google will increase because quality back-links are part of the search algorithm.Continuing to post free articles will show that your business is current and that you are dedicated to your niche. Overtime you will generate more and more web traffic, which means increased sales. Who wouldn’t want that?For more information about online marketing and a free affiliate e-course visit

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