How To Write and Publish A Successful Ezine Article

May 19


Mark Flavin

Mark Flavin

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The ezine article is of major importance to the world of Internet marketing. It is a great way of list owners to provide great content for free to there subscribers and an excellent my for internet marketers to get there name out there and get some exposure for there websites, free.


Tips for writing an ezine article:

1) Don't blindly dive in and start writing,How To Write and Publish A Successful Ezine Article Articles do some research and make sure all your information is correct.

2) Once you have thought of a title, write it in the certain of a blank sheet of paper. Then jot down your information in lines that radiate out from your title. This technique is called 'Mind Mapping' and it's a very effective way of organizing your ideas.

3) To get ideas for you article look at previous articles in relation to your topic, crawl through the search engines and find as much information on the topic as possible as well as using your own person experience of course.

4) At the end of your article, attach a 5- or 6-line 'Resource Box' that includes your website URL and/or your email address.

5) When you have finished your article, do NOT send it off straight away. Let it lie fallow for 2 or 3 days and then come back and read it again. You'll be amazed at the improvements you can make. Those final improvements are what make the difference between an article that gets published and one that doesn't.

Tips for submitting your ezine article:

1) Here are some great places to submit your ozone article

Here are some Article Announcement Lists:

Just email your articles to the above addresses (Announcement List's)

Here are some websites that will accept your submissions:


Here are some free directories of ezines. In the directory look for an ezine related to your topic and find out if the author accepts article submissions, if they do then send them an email asking them would they like some free content for there ezine and/or website and if they agree send them your article. Here's the list.

If you search through the search engines you will find lots of more places to submit your articles and remember if you are the member of any lists related to your topic be sure to email the webmaster and ask them if they would like some free content.

I Hope The Information I Have Shared With You Here Today Helps You.