Make Money Online – 3 Rock Solid Methods for Building Your List

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Use these astonishingly simple methods to set your list on fire and make money online. Work smarter, faster and get more done in less time.

Use these astonishingly simple methods to set your list on fire and make money online.

Once you have identified your target market and figured out what they want,Guest Posting you can offer a credible solution to their problems. You can offer what they are looking for and make their life easier and more positive. You also make money into the bargain for your efforts.

When referring to building an email subscriber list, it is important to highlight the aim of getting quality subscribers. A 10,000 strong list of freebie seekers isn't worth the cost of an autoresponder, let alone the added time and effort of keeping in regular contact with them.

Here are my top three methods to generate quality traffic and quality subscribers:

# Write Informative and Interesting Articles

You can easily find where to publish your articles by searching online, simply type in "health+ezines". This will bring up the most appropriate websites related to health and ezines or other related article sites that cover your topic area. Once you start to read other publisher's articles, you can get a feel for the type and quality of content you need to create.

Once your article has been approved, it should paint a favourable picture and lead visitors to find out more about you or your company. Your sole aim is to get the reader interested enough to scroll down to the bottom of the page and 'click' on your 'author box' embedded links for further information.

When someone reads your copy and finds it interesting, especially on a topic that refers directly to their interest, you can attract quality traffic to your website. When a visitor lands on your web page it is an opportunity for you to entice them onto your list.

You will request a visitors name and email address in exchange for information that they will be searching for online and have an interest in.

# Write an e-Course

When you have written a number of good articles and have had them published on the Internet, you will have gathered enough material to compile into an e-book, an e-report or even better, an e-course.

You can deliver the course via your newsletter and, if you have plenty to discuss, you can simply provide a link to your information that is posted on your website. Using this method is ideal as you can provide as much or as little information you want. The parts, or lessons, should be sent a couple of days apart so your prospect can have time to digest the information.

If your e-course is good you can ask for testimonials and finally start asking for business to start making sales.

# Write and Give Away An e-Book

If you prefer, you can use your quality articles to compile an e-book or report instead. This is an easy and quick way to produce your own mini-product to offer as a good incentive to get people to sign up for your newsletter.

Your e-book should provide the ideal solution to your visitor's problem. If it does provide an ideal solution then they will complete your form and request your report. If your information doesn't match closely what they seek then they'll pass on your offer.

Remember that good articles can get syndicated; this means it could be made available for other websites to use in their newsletters and RSS feeds. RSS is a digital format for distributing various sections of a website, or a portion of a web page, across the Internet. It your article gets picked up by a big publisher it can mean significant traffic.

More traffic will allow you to enrol more subscribers, potential customers, and make money online.

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