Leveraging Online Public Relations for Business Growth

Jan 2


Philippa Gamse

Philippa Gamse

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In the digital age, one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business is through online public relations. The internet offers a plethora of opportunities for free or low-cost PR, and leveraging these resources can significantly impact your business. This article will provide insights into how you can harness the power of online PR, with practical tips and real-life examples.


The Power of Online PR

Online PR can make a significant difference to your business. For instance,Leveraging Online Public Relations for Business Growth Articles Lenny Laskowski, who runs ljlseminars.com, shares that his website has enabled his articles to be published in numerous national magazines and newspapers. His free articles are downloaded by over 50,000 people each year from over 60 countries.

Similarly, Richard Thieme's website, thiemeworks.com, has received numerous awards and his weekly column is frequently requested for republishing in different countries, generating additional income through reprint fees.

Integrating Your PR Message

Consistency is key when it comes to your PR message. Your online and offline corporate image should align. Effective PR activities can drive traffic to your website, and articles on your website can generate business. Therefore, it's crucial to maintain the look and feel of your website in line with your printed materials.

Promoting Your Articles

If you have published articles, consider featuring each one on a separate page of your website. This strategy has several benefits:

  • It aligns with the web philosophy that "content is king" and showcases your expertise.
  • You can create specific keywords and descriptions for each article, improving your online visibility.

For instance, an article about effective online research techniques written by the author of this article was cited as a resource for a course at the University of Uppsala, significantly increasing website traffic from Sweden.

Online Press Releases

The internet is teeming with newspapers, newsletters, and e-zines that are constantly in need of fresh content. A great resource for finding appropriate places to send press releases is Mediafinder.

When sending an e-mail press release, remember to:

  • Use plain text as not all e-mail readers can display formatted text.
  • Include your contact e-mail address and website URL in a prominent place.
  • Use a compelling subject line to entice the editor to read your message.
  • Send your release to targeted and appropriate places only.

Press Release Web Pages

Press releases on your website can include hyperlinks to related stories, sound and video clips to enhance your presentation, and buttons to access your release in different languages. You can also track where your press releases are published and how many people read them. Websites like PRWeb and Webwire allow you to submit free press releases under a number of different searchable categories.

Online Radio Shows

Online radio shows are another avenue for online PR. These shows are often broadcast in "Real Audio" or a similar program and are constantly looking for content and guests.


With a bit of time and research, you can take advantage of the numerous free opportunities for online PR. Whether or not you have a website, online PR is a resource that can significantly enhance your visibility and credibility. So, venture into the digital world and leverage online PR for business growth!

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