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It seems that our brain is the part of our body which bears a lot of stress as it is the controller of our whole system,Guest Posting both mental and physical. But I am sure if we try to give a second place in the list of our body part that goes under a lot of stress, the definitely it will be our feet. They are responsible not to just bear the weight of your body but they are responsible to wear all those uncomfortable shoes you put on them to have the nice, elegant look and in case of women, the torture can be imagined so less than it actually is. Try to imagine those high heels, narrow bellies, and many more that kind of tease your foot even by their look. For a moment if you can imagine the conversation that your fashionable shoes and foot might have, when they look each other then I guess it will be all torturous smiles on the shoes face and a threatened look on your feet's face. Anyways, I think, someone might have imagined this horror the way I did and invented sandals to bring relief in the lives of your foot. They are the ladies footwears that are fundamentally made in such a way that the upper part of your foot is mostly exposed. Nowadays, a huge variety of sandals are available, taking into consideration, your comfort. They are the best choice for the purpose of casual occasions and to save yourself of the trouble any more, you should better opt for the online shopping of these sandals. The online shopping will facilitate you with plenty of variety and style from world over.One of the most popular kind of sandal and most cost worthy as it stays longer then they are the PVC sole sandals. They are also called jelly sandals as they feature translucent plastic in bright colors. You find it surprising but they are the sandals invented because of post war leather shortage problem. Its not just the one kind, many sandals we flaunt in style these days were invented during wars or after wars, like salt water sandals.High heel sandals are one of the best options you have if you want to mix both casual and formal look. They are perfect to wear, with a nice pair of denim and your trendy top. Sandals with floral prints, open at back are one of the most loved type of sandal by girls, they are also nice to pair with the floral printed top of yours. So, there is no point torturing your feet without any purpose, when you have the option to wear the comfortable, trendy and stylish sandals then, why you need to trouble your feet with tight and suffocating shoes.

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