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A great way to promote a business online is video marketing. An indication that this was going to be big was when Google purchased You Tube a few years ago.  Here are a few useful tips on video marketing if you are thinking of promoting your business using video.

Video marketing is a good way to promote a business online. An indication that video was going to be big was when Google purchased You Tube a few years back.

A lot of businesses though have been slow to respond to the video marketing opportunities. If you have been pondering the idea of using video marketing to promote your business online these top tips on video marketing are for you.

1. People are in a hurry so keep your videos concise and to the point.

In a matter of a few minutes you can create informative,Guest Posting yet short and catchy videos.

2. Avoid deliberately advertising. A trap many people fall into is turning their videos into an advert for their business.

Rather target a specific topic and provide some useful information about it. You will get a lot of good exposure by adding your website url below each screenshot.

3. Search engine optimization still applies. SEO should be implemented into your videos.

By implementing SEO you stand a much better chance of seeing your video rank on the search engine results when people are searching for a specific keyword phrase. A top benefit of video marketing is achieving high rankings for your videos in the search engines.

4. Add your videos to your site. It is easy to do by copying the embed code from your video and pasting it on your blog.

This is a good way to market your company using a video. It not only livens up your blog but helps to enhance your own credibility online.

5. Submit your video. If you are not going to submit your video online where people can find it there is little point in making one.

There are online submission services you can use to reach multiple shared video sites. Or you can submit it manually to the top video sites such as You Tube.

6. Convert your articles videos. No problem if you are technically challenged as you can use your existing articles and turn them into videos using an article converter.

A good example of this is Article Video Robot which enables you to create videos and submit them in a matter of minutes. You can use your prewritten articles and just paste them into their article converter.

Using their advanced editor you can make your video as fancy as you want it to be including adding graphics and voice to it. Then you can submit it to shared video sites with the click of a button.

In summary we have discussed six basic tips on video marketing to help you get good results. Every Internet business owner should include video marketing in their marketing mix.

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