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It’s amazing how many new businesses fail.  The owners always seem surprised because they felt they had a great idea or product.  One of the main reasons they failed is that they didn’t apply the rule ‘promote yourself’. 

If you don’t promote yourself or your business,Guest Posting how can you expect people to buy your product or service?  These business failures are especially tragic because there are many simple and cost effective ways to promote yourself. 

10 Low Cost Ways to Promote Yourself 

Apply these quick and easy ways to promote yourself and you will be rewarded with more customers and of course, more revenue! 

  1. Write articles and offer them for free publication.  Publishers are looking for content for websites, newsletters etc.  Make a stipulation that your bio (a subtle technique to promote yourself) and contact information is maintained at the end.
  2. Create and giveaway a free e-book.  In the e-book include an ‘About the Author’ section which is where you will promote yourself or your business.
  3. Use your email mailing list.  One of the best ways to promote yourself is to provide your list subscribers with interesting information that occasionally promote yourself or your business.
  4. Get into directory listings!  There are tons of industry and product specific hard cover and online directories that will let you have a free listing.  Take advantage of these free chances to promote yourself!
  5. Become an ‘expert’ speaker.  Take every opportunity you can to get speaking engagements.  Every opportunity, no matter how large or small is a great chance to promote yourself.
  6. Send media releases.  One of the easiest ways to promote yourself is through media releases.  Write a media release announcing a new product or interesting industry event.
  7. Establish a training class.  Your class could be live, online or even over the phone.  Make sure to promote yourself through your ‘teacher bio’ which includes information about yourself and your business.
  8. Create case studies.  Case studies can promote yourself because they are a well-crafted stories about another of your client’s successes.   Post these case studies online or even consider them for a press release.
  9. Add a business card/bio to the end of every email.  Every email is another chance to promote yourself.  Keep it short and simple.
  10. Use the ‘About Us’ section of your website.  People like to know more about who they are doing business with.  The ‘about us’ section is an ideal opportunity to promote yourself and your expertise! 

Start applying these ten easy ways to promote yourself and before you know it, you will have many new customers knocking at your door!

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