Why The Bum Marketing Method FAILS - How To Succeed With Article Marketing

Sep 29


Roger DeReu

Roger DeReu

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The bum marketing method created by Travis Sago was a watershed event at the time. Unfortunately, following his lead today will end in failure. With a little knowledge and a little help, though, you can learn how to succeed with article marketing.

The bum marketing method no longer works; sorry,Why The Bum Marketing Method FAILS - How To Succeed With Article Marketing Articles Travis. Times change and affiliate marketers need to change with them. You can still make money online and I will discuss below how to succeed with article marketing.In case you are not familiar with the bum marketing method, Travis Sago created a template for making money online using article marketing that was so simple his wife said that even a bum could do it.This really was quite revolutionary at the time, because it required no money to get started; heck, if you had access to a computer at the library you did not even need to own a computer!And the results, in the form of money in the bank, could be seen quite quickly.Why Bum Marketing Does Not Work NowThe thing is, just like most every other new idea, it works for a while until everyone knows about it. In this case, it was more than that. Google and the top article directory have gotten a lot smarter, too. All article directories have upped their standards for content submission and what worked originally is not even accepted today.Basic keyword research as Travis originally taught in the bum marketing method is pretty much inadequate as well. Not that you necessarily need expensive tools to do your keyword research, but there is much more to know about interpreting results.Does that mean that article marketing is dead? No, not at all. But I will tell you that it is not as easy as before; quite frankly I would have concern about the bum off the street.Fear not for yourself, though, because good news follows.How To Succeed With Article MarketingThere are many, many article marketers enjoying a very good income and high level of success even today, even in our current lousy economy. Despite what the politicians try to make you believe, things are still tough out there.But a little bit of knowledge, a little bit of help and a good dose of hard work can make you a success making money online; what I am discussing here is a good start. Whether you call it bum marketing after you are all done is up to you.First, you want to completely forget anything that someone has told you about writing a quick and dirty article of 300 words or so, dropping an affiliate link at the end and submitting it to tier one article directories.They will reject an article like that, possibly instantly.Instead you need to learn how to craft a well organized article ranging from between 450 to 700 words or so. You need to include a headline that meets your needs of keyword inclusion and reader interest, yet be able to deliver on any promises you make.Most importantly, add value to the site you are submitting it to.OK, that gets your article out on the internet, but does it do anything for you? That is the whole point, you want to benefit also, right?The next step is to design a resource box that:a) Will get read.b) Meets the guidelines of the article directory.c) Entices the reader to check out the offer you are promoting.I simply do not have space enough to cover all of that here, but I do want to help you.What I can offer you is a rundown of some ways I overcame the bum marketing method failures and learned how to succeed with article marketing.My new website is dedicate to helping affiliate marketers find the success (and money) they seek. The address is http://Learn-To-Make-Money.com.