10 Ways To Help Your Perfume Last Longer

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Wearing perfumes has become common these days. But, do you know how to make your perfume last longer? Keep reading and you will find answers to your questions.  

Wearing perfume for women is the most evaluated and trusted thing to do. No matter how many years you have spent wearing perfume on yourself. You will always learn something new about it. Women’s perfumes are the best accessory any day because without a good smell women are always incomplete. However,Guest Posting there are certain hacks that every woman must know so that she makes most of her perfume bottle. Some of the hacks might be well known by you but some will definitely open up your eyes. Today, we will share with you 10 women perfume hacks that will change your life. Without further ado let's get started.

Female Perfume Ways That Help in Long Lasting Scent #Always Wear Perfume for Women on Pulse Points

Let us just start from the basics. You might have heard about this one plenty of times and still forget to do that. Wear your perfume on your pulse points. Pulse points are those points in the body which are closest to the nerves and the regular flow of blood makes them heated all the time. Due to heat, perfume for women lingers on for a long. 

#Prep Your Skin Well 

Just like before applying makeup on your face you prep your face nicely. You need to do the same for women's perfume too. Go ahead and take a nice and cozy bath, preferably with lukewarm water as it will open up your pores. Let your skin be as clean as a brand new canvas. 

#Apply Unscented Moisturiser 

Once you take a good bath, the next is to pamper your skin with the goodness of oils. Take a generous amount of body moisturizer or oil and apply it to your towel-dried skin. Take the product on your hands and then apply it to your body. It will prep your pores with oil so that your perfume stays on for long. 

#Apply Vaseline on your Pulse Points

If you have very dry skin then you should start by applying vaseline on your pulse points. Vaseline provides a good amount of oiliness to your skin so that female perfume droplet are locked into the skin. Just take some vaseline and apply it on your neck, behind the knees, inside the elbow and then spray perfume. 

#Never Store your Perfume for Women in the Washroom

Storing perfume for women in the bathroom is one of the worst ways that one can follow. Perfumes kept in the bathroom can lead to ruining the components of women's perfume. The varying temperature, moisture, and humidity can ruin the natural compounds of your perfume making it weaker on the skin. 

#Never Spray Perfume on Your Jewellery 

Spraying perfume for women on jewelry can take off that beautiful shine of your jewelry. The coating on jewelry pieces made of gold and silver can lose its shine and luster if the perfume for women is sprayed on it. The best is to apply the perfume on your skin before giving time for it to dry and absorb into the skin. Once it's dry then go ahead and wear your jewelry but always make sure to dry the perfume for women on the skin first. 

#Wear Perfume on Your Hair 

Wearing female perfume on hair is the next hack you can definitely do. If you experience bad smelling hair and want them to smell fresh then wear perfume on your hair. With this, we don’t mean to directly spray it but spray it on your comb and then let it go through your hair. It will freshen up your hair. Also, make sure to use alcohol-free perfume because alcohol can dry up your hair. 

#Keep your Empty Bottle 

Once you have used all the drops of your favourite female perfume then don’t throw it. Keep the bottle of perfume in your wardrobe because even after the perfume ends there is some scent left in the bottle. The leftover fragrance in that luxury bottle can be a great way of freshening up your wardrobe. 

#Store Perfume for Women on Q-tips 

This one is for the women who want to carry perfume on their journey but don't like to have that whole bottle. Take some Q-tips and smother them with perfume nicely. Store them in a zip lock bag and then keep them in your bag. Whenever you need to freshen up just use those Q-tips and apply them to your pulse points. 

#Try Unisex Perfumes 

If you are all bored with the basic sweet women perfumes then now is the time for you to go ahead and start investing in something like unisex scents. Just grab some unisex scents as they are neither too sweet nor too masculine and work perfectly for both men and women. 

Keeping these perfume for women hacks in mind will help you not only today but for long. You can easily have a hold of them and use them whenever needed. Just make sure to have a hold on them for better uses of perfume.

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