12v Freezers - Icing on your travel plans

Apr 1


Todd Dawson

Todd Dawson

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Keeping it small and smart There are days when you would just want to say goodbye to the hustle and bustle around and take a day off on the road. These are times when a 12v freezer comes to your best rescue. Make some sandwiches and pack a beverage and a drive may look multiple times better. Many cars, specially the RVs are nowadays coming with an inbuilt space to install a portable freezer. The need for fresh food, on the road, while camping, is on the rise.


Gone are the days when you can expect to live out in the wild or a department store at the end of every turn. This at times,12v Freezers - Icing on your travel plans Articles may mar your venture into the unknown; especially with kids. An easy availability of cold drinking water and fresh sandwich is the answer.


Does not kill your battery

If you are apprehensive that a 12v freezer will hinder the performance of your car battery, you are grossly mistaken. It does not kill your battery as much as you may be scared of. An average model (as now available in the market) may consume something between .83 amps to 5.4 amps of your battery; keeping in mind that the engine will not be running all the time. There are other 12v freezers that are solar panel assisted.


Does not poke your pocket

Buying a 12v freezer is not as taxing on your budget as might appear. The price range varies from as low as $100 to $1000. The happiness lies in the freedom to choose from this large variety, depending on your need and budget. You may start comparing the price of a cooler and a freezer, but a 12v freezer is definitely worth every penny you spend.


Utility is measured by the degree of your convenience

It may apparently seem that a pack of ice would serve the same purpose, but it actually doesn’t. A pack of ice might keep your food cold for two to three days, but the hazard of the weight and the water clogging around the food or water can, adds to the misery. Most food, especially items like sandwiches are always reduced to dough. The 12v freezer, sitting quietly at the back of your van, not only keeps your food cold but also fresh and healthy.


Installing such a cooling unit is not a heavy task. It needs minor adjustments to the vehicle. It does not increase the weight of you van to any extent. Most modern cars, SUVs and minivans have built-in space in the rear cargo area, where these compact freezers can easily be placed.


Some such freezing units also come with solar panels and cords, to plug in to your electric socket. Such ones are best for a small outside party that you might have on your front porch.


The entry of 12v freezers was welcome nearly seven years ago, and has been on a rise ever since. They travel with you and carry your food preserving its edible qualities.

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