30 Minutes to Select the Perfect Pot Rack

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Sometimes we take much too long to make up our minds when buying something new for our homes.  This does not have to be the case.  By making several specific decisions, you can choose the perfect pot rack for your kitchen in just 30 minutes.

Imagine that you have been given a blank check and 30 minutes to select the perfect pot rack for your new kitchen. If you have not submitted a decision at the end of that time,Guest Posting the blank check will disintegrate. Specifically: the pot rack has to fit into the kitchen’s style and size, be able to be installed, and be able to hold at least four skillets and/or pots.  How can you accomplish this challenge? Is this a “Mission Impossible”? 

No, this can be done! Your first step is to do your homework. Discuss your ideas with someone you trust.  Then find a store, catalog or website that sells pot racks that you like.  There are so many styles, materials, and colors that you need to get some general ideas of what really pleases you. Also, get the following tools: a step ladder, a measuring tape, a notepad, a pencil and a stud finder. With your narrowed focus and your tools, you will be ready for the challenge.

Step 1 (est. 5 min.) Decide where the pot rack will be installed.

Will you hang it from the ceiling? Will you mount it on a wall? Will the mounting screws drill into wood or sheet rock? Will it hang over an island, over the stove, next to the sink? Will people walk by or sit near the rack? Make this decision first as it will impact the rest of the process.

Step 2 (est. 10 min.) Measure and Measure again.

Now that you know approximately where the pot rack will be located, use the step ladder (if needed) to reach the area.  Use the stud finder to locate the board joists in the wall or ceiling.  Make a pencil mark at these spots.  Use the measuring tape to measure the distance between the marks. Also, use it to take the measurements of the rack’s future location. Draw out and write down this information.

Step 3 (est. 15 min.) Shop

It is now time to choose a pot rack that will be perfect for your kitchen.  Use your catalog or website to examine pot racks that would fit into the selected area of your kitchen.  Make sure that the models you like are designed with mounting holes that will fit on your wall or ceiling joists.  Your pot rack will be much more secure if the screws are drilled into the wood instead of the sheet rock.  Use your measuring tape to double check your room measurements on the notepad.  Make your final selection!


You have met the challenge and succeeded!  You have spent 30 minutes and selected the perfect pot rack for your kitchen.  Of course, the process may not run that smoothly in practice every time.  Your kitchen may have challenging walls or ceilings.  You may have to make a wooden backing because the wall joists do not lineup with any style pot rack.  However, you now have a basic plan to use for selecting the perfect pot rack!

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