Anonymous Customized Wedding Gift & A Rose (Pt 1)

Dec 25


Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan

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I always send a customized wedding gift & a Rose anonymously to the bride and groom. You really need to understand why I do this. Look here...When I was four years old my parents moved us to a new neig...When I was four years old my parents moved us to a new neighborhood after our


I always send a customized wedding gift & a Rose anonymously to the bride and groom. You really need to understand why I do this. Look here...

When I was four years old my parents moved us to a new neighborhood after our Christmas tree caught fire. I didn't want to go but pop said it is going to be ok after we get settled into our new home.

He couldn't be any more wrong (I found out years later). Let me explain.

As we were moving our furniture around one day,Anonymous Customized Wedding Gift & A Rose (Pt 1) Articles one of our new neighbors rang the doorbell and said, "Hello there, I'm Mary Cox and my daughter & me baked a chocolate layer cake, it's her favorite and it's to welcome you to our neighborhood."

Mom said, "Thanks Mary, I'm Sue Hart and my son is Billy. Mary, Mary Cox..., for some odd reason you appear very familiar to me."

"You know Sue... I am having those same fillings. Well Sue and Billy, anything I can do to make your stay a pleasant one, just give me a holler.

Oh!, I almost forgot, I hope this isn't a bother, when you get settled in, I would like to invite your family to dinner at our house later today."

"That is not a bother, my husband is John and I am sure he won't mind a bit; he's at work right now and is usually home by five. Thank you so much for everything and I will call on you later Mary."

"Well, we'll figure it out this 'de javu' over Dinner, we normally start dinner at 6, if that's ok with you."

"That's just fine. See ya later."

"Mrs. Cox seems to be a real nice lady. I like her already... especially since she brought my favorite chocolate cake (things are looking up)."

I wonder who is this little girl in Mrs. Cox's yard. They look a like (I bet she's her daughter). Curiosity is totally eating me up.

"Hello Mrs. Cox, who is the little girl in your yard?"

"She's my daughter Rose (I thought so). You'll meet her when you and your parents come for dinner later. I am going to tell Rose all about you. How old are you now?"

"My birthday is April 12 and I will be 5 years old." "Wow! Believe it or not, Rose's birthday is April 12 also. You two were born on the exact same day. I'll be seeing you later Billy."

"See ya Mrs. Cox."

I can hardly wait to meet Rose; we have at least two things in common already.

Later that day we all went to Mrs. Cox's house for dinner, my parents sat at opposite corners of the table, Rose and I sat next to each other, and Mrs. Cox sat opposite of us.

Mrs. Cox started the conversation; she said that her husband was in the marines almost three years ago and was killed in Viet Nam (how sad). And said at least he did have a chance to see Rose born before he was shipped out.

Mary then said that they miss him terribly, but in his last letter was a promise for Mary to keep; he said for them to remember him always and send a prayer for me as I do for you and Rose always; If the worst happens, Please, please, please carry on as life goes on, promise?.

When she got that letter she already knew that he was never coming home alive; that was almost 4 years ago she said.

A bitter pill to swallow, but life did go on, she said. Changing the subject, Rose is now in the spotlight.

Mrs. Cox Said "When I was talking to Billy earlier, he said his birthday is April 12th and will be 5 years old. I also said that Rose's Birthday is on the same day."

Then mom dropped her fork to the plate and said; "Now it's making more sense now as to how I seem to feel like I've know you.

Mrs. Cox, Was Rose born at General Hospital?"

"Why yes."

"Your doctor's name is Kim?"

"Yes! Sue, how do you know that?"

"Now I know who you are, my doctor is Dr. Kim also. I remember a man in a dark military uniform that opened the door for me in the hospital. His nametag was Ron Cox.

"That's my husband's name."

"I also remember you because you were the expecting mom in lamas sessions and your husband was not there all the time."

Then dad says, "Sue your right, I remember him too. He was the one that was always huffing a puffing to get to class on time. I see the resemblance of him in Rose; small world isn't it?"

Mrs. Cox then said, "I actually thought I was over the hump, (with tears welled up in her eyes) and I will always love Ron & Rose for the rest of my life until there are no more tomorrows. Would you forgive me?"

Mom said, "I speak for all of us, you will never be alone with that kind of passion and love in your heart."

As days turned into months, and months turned into years our two families merged.

It is Now College graduation day and Billy and Rose really bonded well. We are more that boy friend and girlfriend; we were more like Siamese twins.

Another year then passes and Rose and Billy assembled our two families to make an announcement.

At dinner Billy rose to make the announcement and said, "I remember sitting at this very table years ago and was introduced to Rose. With the truth be told, the very first time I saw Rose, I loved her at sight.

Through the years, Rose and I both knew from the very beginning that we loved each other like life itself.

Rose and I wish your blessings as we are contemplating marriage. With mom, pop & Mrs. Cox, (with a positive nod from each) Rose, with this ring and all my heart and sole, I want to be your partner, friend, lover and husband for ever and ever."

Then Rose speaks, "Billy, with this ring and all my heart and sole, I want to be your partner, friend, lover and wife for ever and ever." They then sealed their vows with a passionate kiss.

John then says, "I thing we are all in agreement and its high time! We have been sitting on pins and needles forever it seems. Have you set a date for the wedding?"

"Rose and I set the date years ago as kids. We are going to be married on our birthdays."

Pop then says, "Which one?" (Then everyone fell out laughing)

Rose said, "We are going to be married on our 25 birthday. Take it to Hart." (then everyone fell out laughing again)

Mrs. Cox then said, "Sue, you know we better get moving if we want to shame Cinderella."

"You know that's right. I have a great idea; there is something we should do tomorrow if you're game? Let's go clean the table," As the two women went to the Kitchen to strategize the wedding gift plans.

"Say Sue, do you have any good ideas what we can pick as a wedding gift for them?"

"You first,"

"I think the most unique wedding gift that they can both share equally would be a collage. Not any collage, the kids have grown up with each other for twenty years; and most marriages don't last that long.

Between you and me we can scrap together a great one. What do you think?"

"Mary you just hit the nail on the head. It is very fitting. I wish I had thought of it. I'm all in, I can almost picture them scouring through it remembering the times they have had through the years.

Sue said, "Who would of thought that the day you gave us that chocolate cake and our children being born on the same day and would eventually marry each other?

This has got to be one for the books."

One day, Mary asked Billy to do a favor; for him to take her to the cemetery, and it is going to take a couple of hours. Of course he eagerly agreed.

As we strolled through the cemetery, Mary stopped and sat at a headstone for Gary Cox. Mary said, "would you please sit here, there is something I must share with you.

Billy says, "I'm all ears."

"Billy, will you promise me to never ever speak a word of what I'm about to tell you? This is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, and I know you are an honorable man."

"Sure Mrs. Cox, what is it?"

"I have some certain knowledge about the Cox family tree that you have to know. This head stone is Ron's cousin and next to him is Ron, if you stroll the Cox family plots, you will notice the birthdays & the dates of their deaths are all equal.

Starting with Molly Cox over there, April 12, 1503-1528. She was only 25 years old when she died & On her birthday. You want to know something else strange?

Ron & his cousin both died on their 25th birthdays also."

Billy says, "This is some really spooky stuff."

Mary says, "And that's not all. They were the last decedents of Molly Cox. The last blood relative is Ron's daughter, Rose."

Billy says, "If you are trying to scare me, you have done it. Why are you doing this?"

Mary says, "Believe me, this is just the truth that I found by studying Ron's family tree. This is the end of a curse that was made to the last living decedents of Molly Cox and Rose is the last living decedent.

The last straw in this puzzle is this; Molly Cox was married to William Hart. I couldn't have concocted this elaborate story; with my daughter being the sacrificial lamb.

Go over there at Molly's headstone. It says 'to our dear departed Molly (Rose)'. Her husband William (Billy) never remarried but did raise their daughter until her death on her 25th birthday. Her headstone is the one next to her mother.

After uncovering the facts of the Cox curse, this is why I had to give you these details."

Then Billy says, "What a predicament. It's kind of like 'One Step Beyond'. Even if Rose is going to die two weeks from now, we must make those days and weeks wonderful for all of us, and hoping for the best.

Just as you said earlier, only God, you & I should keep our mouths shut about this."

Mary says, "I totally agree. I think we should leave this place before we cause suspicion."

When we got back, I immediately found Rose sitting at the piano; gave her a kiss on the top of her head and said, "Rose, I have been thinking, and I would like to give you my personal wedding gift."

She said, "What is it?"

"This wedding gift is really special, and it comes in parts. The first part of this special wedding gift is for us to spend the next two weeks together before the wedding."

"I was just thinking the same thing. To be totally honest, I'm packed and ready to go. Where you lead I will follow.

Let's tell our parents know what we have decided and that we will be back in time for the wedding.


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