Are Bolle Polarized Sunglasses Worth the Price?

Dec 3


Kip Goldhammer

Kip Goldhammer

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Do you want tobe as cool as Horatio Caine? The key is in the cool horatio Caine Sunglasses!


When I think of designer sunglasses,Are Bolle Polarized Sunglasses Worth the Price? Articles such as Bolle polarized sunglasses, I picture a Hollywood model on the beach in a pink swimsuit with young men gathering around in their Bolle polarized sunglasses with the surf in the background. I was unaware just how little some of these sunglasses can cost. The Bolle polarized sunglasses can cost as much as $140 or as little as $25 depending on where you purchase them.

When looking through the online catalog, I found a pair of Bolle polarized sunglasses I would like to buy for my guy. They are the Bolle Prospect Polarized sunglasses. They have precise frame styling and design. The frames are lightweight nylon. These lenses also have polarization, which helps eliminate most of the glare and reflected light. The lenses are also lightweight, as they are made from premium-grade plastic resin. The polycarbonate lenses on the Bolle polarized sunglasses resist twenty times more impact than glass lenses, which adds a safety aspect over glass lenses and are one-third of the weight.

Everyone is concerned about the UVA and UVB protection from eye cancer and photokeratitis, which is a painful burn to the surface of your eyes that may cause a temporary form of blindness. With the Bolle polarized sunglasses, you are 100% protected against UVA and UVB rays. They exceed the ANSI requirements for optical clarity and UV protection.

The lenses in these stylish Bolle polarized sunglasses are coated on both sides with Carbo Blas coating, which is an industrial-strength coating causing them to have greater scratch resistance. Not only that but they receive an anti-reflective coating on both sides to eliminate the backside glare. This will help to reduce eye strain. The lenses of these Bolle polarized sunglasses are sandstone in color and in the picture seem to have a pink tint to them.

The frames of these Bolle polarized sunglasses will sit comfortably and securely on your face, because the spring hinges and integrated spring hinges apply the correct amount of tension on your temples. This frame is a satin brown.

The position of each nose pad is tailored to fit your nose shape exactly, so that the Bolle polarized sunglasses stay securely on your head. The temple tips are Thermogrip, which gives them the ability to stay on your ears better.

The price on these babies ranges around $152 depending on where you purchase them.

If the features of this particular pair of Bolle polarized sunglasses don't appeal to your sense of fashion, check out their catalog. You are sure to find a pair that suites you!