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This is a short description of all Air Jordon releases.Air Jordon 1.Released in 1985,Guest Posting it came in a choice of 23 colours.Air Jordon 2.Released in 1986/87 this was the only OG Jordon never released in black.Air Jordon 3.Released in 1988. This design was known as possibly the best design ever.Air Jordon 4.Released in 1999, and was offered in 19 colour schemes.Air Jordon 5.Released in 1990, this one had a great design and was offered in 9 colour schemes.Air Jordon 6.Released in 1990/91, this was the best Jordon to date and set the standard for all other releases to follow.Air Jordon 7.Released in 2002, and you could choose from 9 colour schemes.Air Jordon 8.Released in 1992/93. Michael Jordon wore these before his first retirement.Air Jordon 9.Released in 1993. Just after the retirement of Michael Jordon.Air Jordon 10.Released in 1994/95. And was the first design to have a totally different shapeAir Jordon 11.Released in Released in 1995/96 this is the most chosen shoe of the Air Jordon Range.Air Jordon 12.Released in 1996/97 Made different from the rest the Jordon 12 had the rising sun stitched into it’s upper, This was the symbol on the Japanese flag.Air Jordon 13.Released in 1997/98, it was the only Jordon shoe to feature a hologram.Air Jordon 14.Released in 1998/99, it was designed with inspiration from the Ferrari 550m that Michael Jordon owned. Also the only shoe that had 7 jumpmen in each shoe, and the Roman numeral 14 on it telling the world that this was indeed the 14th in the Jordon line.Air Jordon 15.Released in 1999/2000, this style came from the fighter jet X-15 designed by NASA in the 50’s.Air Jordon 16.Released in 2001, the first shoe since the Jordon 2 not designed by Tinker Hatfield.Air Jordon 17.Released in 2002 made supposedly from three details, the fineness of the Aston Martin, The smoothness of a Jazz solo, and the Jordon history of style.Air Jordon 18.Released 2003, This shoe is a combination of Racing car driving shoes with a rubber heel wrap and bold stitching on the soles.Air Jordon 19.Released in 2004, this design was also known as the black mamba, the most deadly snake on earth.Air Jordon 20.Released 2005, this shoe was designed to celebrate not only the 20th year of Air Jordon , but the 20th design of Air Jordon shoes.Air Jordon 21.Released in 2006, this shoe shows all the things that make Michael Jordon and Jordon shoes stand out from the crowd. The greatest player and the greatest shoe. The style, the legend, and the man.

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