Dr. Martens Boots is the Second Name of Style and Comfort

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Shopping for Dr. Martens boots today means a world of options on the store shelves: the classic black 10-eye boots,Guest Posting cherry red, purple, metallic, floral-patterned, high-heeled...the list goes on and on. However, in their earlier days, Dr. Martens boots were nothing but a working-class essential, created to cushion and support the tired feet of men who worked hard all day.

Dr. Klaus Maertens and the Griggs family of footwear-makers joined forces after meeting through an advertisement in the classified section. After they jointly created the practical work boot, they enjoyed success among factory workers and postmen.

There was no marketing towards the masses; no advertising to everyday people to buy Dr. Martens boots. However, in the early 1960s, subcultures began to take notice in London. Skinheads (initially non-racist) were early adopters of the Dr. Martens boot, and a rainbow of subcultures started to follow in the 1970s: punks, Goths, grunge, mods and more. Bands of the time like the Sex Pistols and the Clash wore them onstage, and by the time the 90s arrived grunge bands were sporting them with their flannel shirts and torn jeans. Dr. Martens boots were the uniform of Bridget Fonda and Matt Dillon in the 90s hit Singles, a love story set in the grunge scene of Seattle.

Dr. Martens has managed to modernize the brand to keep people interested. They have branched out with different styles, launching tasselled suede loafers and Tec Tuff leather lace-ups with white soles, stitching and laces. As time goes by, Dr. Martens boots continue to be accessible for everyone, whether they're pairing them with torn jeans, short skirts, a Mohawk and chains, or a work uniform.

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