Drafting Table: an Architect's Shrine!

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The paper and pencil graphics are still the main choice of architects when it comes to choosing between the simple drafting table and the computer generated drafting. This may be because drafting table has always been closely associated as one of the most important equipments in their workplace. This conventional way of drafting is still held onto by many, even with the advances in technology.

Most architects would still opt for the much simpler pen and pencil drafting over the advanced computer generated drafting. This can be associated with the fact that architects regard their drafting tables as the most important structures when it comes to their workplace. The much less advanced way of drafting,Guest Posting which includes the use of pen and pencil and in which everything is done manually, is still very much popular.

Most of the tables that are available are supported by steel frames. As compared to the oak wood frames, steel frames are more portable and are equally durable. The top of the table is formed by laminating a highly compressed sheet of fiberboard with sheets of formica. The surface is usually glazed. The top is held to the table using screws that are attached to the frame of the table. The screw can come off causing the top surface to be separated if the table needs to be transported.

The steel frame comes with the advantage that it allows mechanical linkages to be incorporated in the structure of the table. This way the user can control both height and the angle that the surface makes with the frame. Generally, a foot paddle is employed to hold the clutch that determines the position of the surface board. A counterweight, that has lead in it to make it heavy, is installed to prevent the table from springing to an upright position if the foot is lifted off the pedal accidentaly. To keep this safety application functioning, proper care of the linkages and the clutches of the table need to be taken.

The board cover is used to cover the surface of the table and give it a smooth glazed look. The board cover is basically a thin vinyl sheet which provides a suitable surface for drafting using pen and pencil. This keeps the wooden surface of the table from the damaging effects that the dividers and compasses would have had otherwise. To avoid new drawings from looking unclean due to accumulation of graphite on the surface of the table, the top surface needs to be cleaned in a regular manner. The pencils are held by a strip of aluminum that can be found at the bottom edge of the drafted table. Sometimes steel trays are attached to the table. Some tables have a purpose built tray that holds the pencils and pens even when the top surface is being adjusted on the table.

Some tables have drafting equipment such as the parallel rulers attached to the table. These rulers run parallel to the top and bottom edge of the board and can be adjusted lengthwise. The purpose of such equipment is to help the draftsman in his measurements and making drafting easier. Such rulers are mostly pre calibrated. Sometimes, simple projectors may be transformed into a multi-touch table. For this one just needs a trip to the hardware store and an internet connection.

Some of the drafting tables are motorized. This reduces their portability. But they are more convenient as adjustments can be made using a push button. General cost of these tables is US $ 120 and more.

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