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Every year around Christmas a bunch of motorcycle clubs get together and do what’s called a “Toy Run” where they go around collecting toys and ask people to donate used stuffed animals to kids who have nothing,Guest Posting or may not get anything for Christmas to bring them hope, and Christmas cheer.


What a great scene this is, often over 600 plus men and women on Harley’s with big sacks of toys, all headed to various shelters, orphanages, and churches across the country to deliver these toys, often dressed in Santa decorated helmets and gear!


When you want to donate used stuffed animals there are some easy ways to do this. Often you will find big barrels in shopping centers, grocery stores, toy stores and other various places asking for your used toys and stuffed animals. A lot of people choose to donate used stuffed animals, and I think the kids love these the most.


When we walk into a toy store, a hallmark store, a Disney store, or even a grocery store these days you will see stuffed animal toys lacing the walls of the place either as you first walk in, in the display windows, or back near all the soft toys. You will see stuffed animals for sale but also often a box where you can donate used stuffed animals in.


Many parents are finding this a good idea as they can teach their children to donate used stuffed animals they don’t want and give to a good cause at the same time. Usually when my kids want a new stuffed animal, because they have so many I tell them they can have one if they donate one of their old ones.


This recycling of a sort teaches kids to give a little (donate used stuffed animals they no longer play with) and receive a little (get a new one) and at the same time keeps their stuffed animal population under control! Of course there are many times when the child will get a stuffed animal without having to give one up too.


Stuffed animals are not only a well loved toy for kids but they have become the gift of choice for a lot of occasions. Many people win a lot of these during the state fair seasons and often tire of looking at them after a few weeks. This is a perfect opportunity to donate used stuffed animals, even those you win at the fair to the many available charities that need them.


Often times many of these stuffed animals although still new and in great shape are buried beneath all the newer ones never to be seen again unless you do a power spring cleaning and reorganizing of the room. I’ve cleaned my kids rooms while they were in school only to find sometimes 30-60 stuffed animals that were hidden for over a year (under 100 more!)! I often donate used stuffed animals to charity and the kids never miss them, in fact I think if they saw them they wouldn’t’ recognize them anymore!


At this point you should put those toys to a good cause - donate used stuffed animals to fire houses, and many other great organizations that give scared kids a cuddly teddy bear or a soft collector stuffed animal to make them feel safe and to help distract their mind to a better place.

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