How Paintings Play an Important Role in an Individual’s Life?

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Paintings play an important role in an individual’s life. They help us reflect our thoughts in a much better and organized way than is otherwise possible with words. Maybe this is why art holds such a high pedestal in people’s lives. Art is the window that gives others insight into your mind, thoughts, and feelings.

The one thing that has been as consistent as human beings themselves is art. Since times immemorial,Guest Posting there are pieces of evidence to show how art has been a part of the evolution of the human species.

The oldest of caves acted at canvases for the cavemen who used sticks and stones as their equipment. The evolution of the human race has been constant and its most long-lasting companion has been art, especially paintings and murals.

The importance of art cannot be undermined. They are the windows to the world and are helpful in providing insight into the minds of people who lived centuries ago and people who we know nothing about. Perceptions are more clearly understood when we take art into consideration.

With art, everything suddenly becomes clearer, more focused, and more insightful. To better understand the world and work of man and nature, art is important. Today, you will find the world has become a big museum with art to showcase everywhere. There is not a place on this earth from where you cannot take inspiration to bring it down on a piece of paper in the form of poetry or on a canvas in the form of a painting.

Art has gathered momentum in the past few years. As an era ends or a century takes a turn, art somehow changes along with it. The 21st century saw the revival of the art of every century lost and every ruler deceased.

Today, paintings hold a special position in our hearts and lives. Many people use paintings as the guiding light of their lives and honestly understand why it is the way it is.

Each of us is swayed away with the presence of art in one way or the other. Be it paintings in our house or office, murals on the walls or photograph of a loved one on your desk, art somehow finds a way into the life of each person.

There are a lot of reasons as to why paintings have tagged along with humans for so long. To date, paintings hold a special place in our hearts. You will see people spending big amounts of money to obtain art because they like it. Biggest and grandest of resorts and hotels you go to, you will find yourself surrounded by paintings, sculptures, and other art forms. Educational institutes such as schools, colleges, universities, and institutes can be seen sporting paintings of highly respected educational figures and other symbols of knowledge through paintings and sculptures. In our houses, we put up paintings that tend to speak to us without words. Be it the shades or the thought behind it, paintings, photo frames, figurines, and other art forms are a part of our homes as well.

Thus, it can easily be concluded that art is an inseparable part of our lives. No matter where we are or what we do art will always have a presence.

This post will throw light on how paintings play an important role in an individual’s life and what effects can it have on our daily activities, our mood and behavior, and on our life as a whole.


Here is a list of reasons as to why each one of us should have the presence of paintings in our life:

  1. Paintings Add Colours to our Life –

Let paintings be the medium of adding shades and hues to your life. Paintings do have the power to add colors to your life, especially if you are a minimalist kind of person.

Each color on the palette has a different vibe to it. When these colors come together on the canvas, they have the clout to elevate the presence of the room as well as the mood of the person looking at it. Each painting has a different essence. Find a painting that fills your heart with joy with its colors, pattern, and story.


  1. Paintings Become the Focal Point –

A good painting has the power to become the focal point of your room. Every professional interior designer will know the importance of creating a center of focus in each room, be it residential or commercial.

This focal point mainly comes from art and in most cases, a painting. The main idea behind creating the central point is to prepare the viewer for what they might come across later. Also, it is a great way of grabbing attention when needed.

To make sure that your intended painting is getting the attention it deserves, you can couple it with lighting that will enhance its beauty and make it stand out from the rest of the room without being too loud. Also, make sure the dimensions of the painting are as per the desired space. Anything too small will merge with the background and anything too big will drown the surrounding area and the essence.


  1. Paintings Add a Personal Touch –

Everybody has a different taste, be it anything. Our likes and dislikes are different from one another, and that is what makes humans so beautiful and unique.

Thus, each piece of painting that you decide to adorn your house with ends up acting as a personal touch to space. It could be in relation to the color scheme of the whole space, the theme of the place, for instance, feminine, masculine, children-oriented, animals, or anything for that matter, and the message you wish to send across.

The colors, the depiction, the fonts, the texture, the size, and the emphasis you put on each piece of painting is different and thus, this differentiation is the essence of added personal liking.

While some might wonder how art can be personal when it has been painted by someone else and is a birth of someone else’s imagination and thoughts, the answer is simple. Have you ever read a quote or a poem so touching and well descriptive of your feelings, that you know even you could not pen down your feelings so well? The same is the case with paintings as art. They might have birthed from another person’s brush and canvas, but sometimes the painting is a much better depiction than your reality.


  1. Creates and Supports Themes & Ideas –

Paintings work wonders when you are trying to put across your idea. For instance, you run a hotel that is centered on the rich cultural and traditional heritage of Jaipur. Your hotel is all about why everyone should know the history behind the name, essence, and the traditions of the city.

Your thoughts, themes, and ideas will come across better when and if they are accompanied by the right kind of paintings to support them. Lavish and true paintings could be hung up in a chronological manner to emphasize the events of the past concluding to the point where the city stands today and looks and feels in the present year.

Different hues, tones, canvases, and sizes are used to depict different moods. Each of the above-mentioned things has a role to play. Each painting you choose has the power to make or break the mood you are trying to set and work on.


  1. Paintings Add Finishing Touch to Your Space –

With the ever-increasing types of wallpapers and wall textures in the market, we cannot exactly say that walls are the most neglected part of the house anymore. On the contrary, in fact, walls have come around to become a surprisingly important beautifying aspect of our home.

 Just like every cake needs a cherry on the top of the icing, each home needs painting on the wall. Let your paintings speak for you.


Concluding Words


Choosing the right painting to match and set the tone, mood, and idea of your space, be it residential or commercial, will have a positive impact on your life. As said above, inspiration is served by nature and intuition comes from within. Let paintings be your speakers.

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