How to Get More Money for Investing in Stock Market?

Feb 19


Viola Kailee

Viola Kailee

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One common goal while investing in the stock market is to earn more money. How to earn more money? One method that has gained immense popularity is margin funding. Margin funding gives you additional funds to take large positions and multiply your gains.


However,How to Get More Money for Investing in Stock Market? Articles great power entails great responsibility, right? In this article, we will learn about the advantages of margin trading, the risks associated with it, and how you can increase the amount of money available for stock market investment.

Understanding Margin Trading 

Investors can borrow money from their broker to make stock market investments using a financial technique called margin funding.

It basically means taking out a loan to increase the amount of an investment. Margin buying allows you to increase your returns, but only if the investment value beats the cost of your borrowings. You need to pledge your existing investments to borrow funds for margin trading and palace leverage trades. 

Here are some features of margin trading in India. 

  • You can use cash or securities as collateral to leverage your stock market position against the margin requirement.
  • You are typically required to pay interest on the funds borrowed through margin trading.
  • SEBI and the stock exchange have pre-defined securities that can be traded using an MTF account.
  • If you want to use the margin trading facility (MTF), then you should open an MTF account.
  • The margin from your collateral stock will rise along with the market rise, enabling you to purchase more securities under MTF.
  • You can also pledge your securities like stocks, mutual funds, etc. from your demat account as collateral. And, this process is known as the margin pledge.

Advantages of Margin Trading

You get the below advantages by availing of the margin trading facility. 

  1. Margin trading is a useful tool for investors who wish to grow their position in the market but lack the necessary funds. It's the perfect way to generate large profits quickly.
  2. Margin allows you to diversify your portfolio more broadly, getting exposure to a broader range of assets and sectors.
  3. It is possible to use securities from your portfolio or demat account as collateral or security.
  4. With margin funding, you can purchase more shares of a specific stock than you could with just your own money because it gives you greater purchasing power.

If you are looking for a platform to use margin trading facility, Dhan can be a reliable choice. 

Risks in Margin Trading

While margin trading allows for additional investment, it also exposes investors to greater risk. You may think borrowing from your broker is easier, but you can lose more money than you first invested if your position goes in the opposite direction. 

Additionally, your margin trading account must always have a minimum balance. This is called the maintenance margin. If it reduces, you receive a margin call. 

You may be required to sell your position /liquidate your investments as collateral / make further deposits into the margin account to make up for the margin call.


Margin trading is a powerful tool to leverage huge opportunities and get more money for investing. However, you need to know your risk tolerance and the overall condition of the market before using this tool.