Short Story Books: The New Trend Around the Web

Dec 24


Pihu Rathor

Pihu Rathor

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Books are a man’s best friend. Almost every single person around the globe will agree with that statement. We would never feel alone if we have a book with us. A book keeps us engaged and we can never feel bored because we are entertained and engrossed in books like it’s a real story which is happening around us.


Novels and autobiographies have been the main source of interest for those who love and adore books more than their real lives. Novels might include,Short Story Books: The New Trend Around the Web Articles fiction or non - fiction and people are generally more focused and attracted towards non - fiction. It attracts us so much as most of us also end up falling in love with the fictional character that we are reading the story about. However, there has been a new trend as far as reading books online or offline is considered. People have shifted away from reading long and engaging stories to short and minimal stories.

People are being driven towards short stories on the web more than their regular dose of long novels and other books mainly because people have such tight schedules these days that they just don’t find enough time to read longer stories that used to interest them. Therefore, they find shorter stories on the web, way more interesting because they are short and can be finished and done with in the little time that they find out of their uptight schedules. This is not the only reason why people are getting extremely interested in short stories rather than longer ones, but they also prefer them because of the way the story is represented. Tiny tales are being made more and more minimal and extremely meaningful and the way the story unfolds in the end is just mesmerizing for the human minds. This is the biggest reason for the popularity of short story books online.

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