Top 3 Apartment Smoke Detectors Types

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Apartment Smoke Detector is one of the most crucial devices among all of our modern day amenities that could make a world’s difference in a life and death situation. Usually, you do not buy a wide range of products when the stake is truly life and death.

However,Guest Posting while purchasing the apartment smoke detectors, the stakes are really life and death. Researches showed that 3 out of every 5 death in a fire usually did not have any apartment smoke detector installed.

Smoke detector as a life-saving equipment
This life saving equipment could enhance the safety level of your family and all you need to do is to install a smoke detector in your apartment. Yet, it is important to choose the right type of smoke detector. Further maintenance, modification and regular refurbishing are equally important for the smoke detector to work in in an orderly manner. A decent level smoke detector would be priced at $5 and the price could go up to $100 for fancier and smarter ones.

We have already covered the importance of a high-end smoke detector above, and now you need to choose which type of apartment smoke detector would be more suitable for you. In general, a smoke detector has two functions. One is all about detecting the fire, and another is to let the homeowner know about the existence of the fire. In terms of smoke detector types, there are very few options available.

Types of Smoke detector
1. Ionization smoke detector 
2. Photoelectric smoke detector 
3. Dual smoke detector

Ionization smoke detectors
Ionization smoke detectors utilizes 2 metal plates conveying an electric current in between them and that senses the smoke when it makes its entrance into chamber. After the smoke enters into chamber, an alarm will be triggered. To detect the fast flaming fires, this technology could have been the catch.

Photoelectric smoke detector 
Photoelectric smoke detector utilizes the light sensitive sensors and this type of detector acts on the basis of disruption of lights. When the smoke enters into the chamber, there will be disruption of light and the alarm will be triggered. To detect fire in smoldering phase, this type of detectors could prove to be very handy. Moreover, these are highly recommended for ensuring a top-notch level of safety, for they could sense the serious fires pretty quickly. In accession, the occurrence of triggering false alarms is less likely while you are using this kind of detectors. This type usually costs a little extra, yet it is worth the money considering the safety issues.

Dual smoke detector
Dual smoke detectors are based on the combination of the two types of smoke detection technologies mentioned above. Since it incorporates both of those technologies, it eventually costs more, yet it brings more peace in the mind, for it is safer than any technology available.

Our verdict
As you have now gotten yourself acquainted with all kinds of smoke detectors, you should now be able to choose the smoke detector that suits your need with precise perfection, concrete exclusiveness and sustainable sophistication. Try out a smoke detector for your apartment today, your apartment could never get much safer!

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