Top-Notch Significant Achievements Of Andy Warhol In The Field Of Pop Art

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Andy Warhol has emerged in the market of pop art. The artists can convert digital pictures in the portrait of celebrities. The paintings of celebrities will attain more popularity in the market. Along with the exhibitions, the paintings can be represented at the online stores. The real-life objects are considered to be popular for making the portrait.

Andy Warhol has applied his creativity and innovation in the paintings. He had started the movement of pop art all across the globe. The platform of Pop art has turned into global. Along with the competition with other entertainment,Guest Posting the artist can compete at an international level. Online exhibitions are organized through the person to showcasing the creativity and talent of the artists. Andy has acquired major achievements in pop art paintings. Some of them are mentioned below –

  • Coca-cola achievement – The thought of the artist in the paintings was beautiful. The demand for the paintings was at the crest that is designed through the famous artists. The award was given for the handprint painting of the coca-cola bottle. The ordinary items of daily use are placed in front of the person, and the paintings have an impressive look at the objects. The paintings of Andy were shown at an international level for sale.
  • Gold Marilyn's achievement – The paintings of Andy was based on the actress Marilyn. The focus was given on showing the career and life experiences of the women. The magazines were used for getting pictures of the actress. The common idea over the life of the actress was used in the painting. The modern work over the life of the person became a source of attraction for the consumers. The demand for pop art increased with time. 
  • Sleep paintings achievements – The paintings were based on the film series. With the success of the film, Andy showed interest in making the painting over the film. The technique in the painting was used in the animated-real version. The characters of Pop art are looked as real in the paintings. The award to the person was given for the major achievement of creating a painting. 
  • Orange car crash achievement - The graphic images are used for making the paintings. The digital images from the online store and converted into the portrait of the person. Many more images can be gathered from magazines and newspapers. The designing of the paintings should be beautiful and attractive for presenting in the exhibitions for sale.

Thus, the achievements of Andy were essential for the movement of Pop art in the economy. The thoughts and creativity of the person are shown in the paintings.


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