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Understand your own telephone calling patterns. Do you make most of your telephone calls during the day,Guest Posting night, or on weekends? If you don't make frequent residential long distance telephone calls, perhaps a long distance telephone dial-around service ("10-10") is the right plan for you or a plan with no monthly minimum fees.

YOU WON'T KNOW UNTIL YOU ASK – Ask your long distance telephone provider about any promotions they might be running. You can even ask other long distance telephone companies about any switching benefits they might be offering.

READ THE FINE PRINT – Phone companies each have different restrictions and offerings. Make sure you read the fine print.

BEWARE OF ADDITIONAL CHARGES – Ask if there are monthly, minimum or per-call fees in addition to the per minute rates. For example, if a dial-around service charges a $5 monthly fee and you make only one 10 minute call that month, then you pay an extra 50 cents a minute for that call.

BE CAREFUL OF COMPARISON RATES IN ADVERTISEMENTS – Consumers should be careful about comparison rates in advertisements, such as 50% off of a telephone carrier's "basic" rates, because such "basic" telephone rates are often not the lowest telphone rates available.

CHECK OUT THE PHONE COMPANIES' WEB SITES – Their sites should have specific information on their rates and calling plans.

TIE-INS AND OTHER DISCOUNTS – Ask your long distance telephone carrier about mileage tie-ins that they may offer. Many companies now offer miles per dollar spent on your residential long distance telephone bill. Your long distance telephone minutes can add up to a free trip! Also, some phone carriers provide discounts if you have your long distance telephone charges billed to your credit card.

ALWAYS VERIFY – Read your monthly telephone bills closely. Mistakes happen. If you suspect one, call your long distance telephone provider and ask for an explanation.

KNOW YOUR "10-10" CODES - Be familiar with the specific telephone calling plans offered by long distance dial-around providers. Each has restrictions that define the service. Make sure you understand those restrictions before you make a long distance telephone call.

IS IT TIME TO GO WIRELESS? - The wireless phone industry has matured very quickly, and the wireless phone companies are offering various telephone service plans that may be right for you.

Bonus Tips for Those Who Make a Low Number of Calls
As with all purchases, read the fine print and make sure that the plan you choose is a "good fit." Specifically, look at:

If you only make a few residenatial long distance telephone calls a month, consider not subscribing to a long distance telephone carrier and using only long distance 10-10 numbers or a long distance calling card.

Look for a long distance telephone carrier with no monthly fee and low per minute charges. Some long distance calling plans are beneficial too.

If you decide not to subscribe to a long distance telephone carrier, call your local phone company and tell them you do not want to subscribe to any long distance telephone provider.

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