Various Lab Tests on Bitumen for Pavement Construction

Feb 4


Nancy Whitman

Nancy Whitman

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Bitumen. Something that you might not have heard about. So, why should you wonder what the various lab tests on bitumen for pavement construction are? Except if you are maybe a construction worker and interested in bitumen.


The thing about bitumen is that you might know it as asphalt or tar. Now,Various Lab Tests on Bitumen for Pavement Construction Articles you will understand why you would be interested in understanding more about this. And, why it is interesting to read more about foam bitumen and the various lab tests. These are all interesting information about bitumen.

What is bitumen?

Bitumen is actually a low-grade crude oil that has components of heavy hydrocarbons. This is getting extracted from the ground. It is known in the oil reservoir as the thick, viscous fluid. It normally gets processed and heated to become a higher quality product that can be used for pavement construction.

With some added ingredients and components, it becomes the tar that we know that are used for our roads.

Uses of bitumen

Be bitumen is used for pavement purposes. It used to tar our roads, to make it more durable, and to ensure that our parking spaces are tared and paved correctly as well. It is basically used in any pavement construction that has a blackish color.

The color is the recognizable color for bitumen. All forms of bitumen are black, because of the oil components it is made from. The main uses for bitumen are roads, runways, parking lots, and footpaths. It is just getting mixed with gravel and crushed rock before use.

The lab tests on bitumen for pavement construction

The bitumen is getting lab tested to make sure that it is usable for pavement construction. To ensure that it contains the right components for high-quality pavements and roads.

There are many different lab tests that are getting done on the bitumen before it can be used on the pavement and road construction. These are just some of the most common lab testing that can be done on the bitumen.

  • Ductility test
  • Flash and Fire point test
  • Water content test
  • Float test
  • Specific gravity test
  • Viscosity test
  • Loss on heating test
  • Penetration test
  • Softening point test

These tests are getting done in a bitumen or soil testing laboratory and are tested by experienced and qualified lab technicians. The bitumen that is tested as high-quality bitumen can be used. The lower quality bitumen isn't used for pavement construction.

Why is bitumen used in road construction?

This is quite an interesting question. Why is bitumen used in road construction? First of all, after crude oil, this is the left-over oil. Making something out of leftover, low-quality oil.

There are many properties in the bitumen that is making it a great material for pavements and roads.  It can outstand different temperatures and weather conditions. It is a durable material that will stay in good condition for long periods. Longer periods than with cement and other surface material.  The black color is making it easier for road users to see the road during the day and night. Especially with the right paint and reflectors on the road. You won’t need to redo the roads all the time, the bitumen ensure that the roads stay perfectly.

Bitumen. Something that you might not know about. Until you hear that it is actually just the tar on our roads. There is so much interesting information about the bitumen. Things like where it came from, the different testing that it goes through before it can be used, and the fact that this is actually leftovers from something really important to all of us. Now, you will understand bitumen a lot better.

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