Work out the distance in your relationship

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This article information about distance relationship.

How couples cope with being apart largely depends on how they feel about the separation. Here are some common interpretations:

What’s the big deal?

if you were brought up in a family where absence was the norm,Guest Posting it may be that periods apart are no problem. So, you can relax.

It’s the thin end of the wedge:

Perhaps in your past someone left saying it was temporary, but didn't come back. You may see a period of separation as the beginning of the end. You need to talk it out with your partner.

If you loved me, you’d say it:

Love is linked to being physically near and any threat to that is also a threat to your emotional security. Counselling each other can really help.

But it’s not for long:

It might be your nature to look at life in the long term and see a bigger picture and, therefore, you may find it easier than your partner to see this as a temporary phase of your relationship.

It’s just not right:

If your parents were together nearly all the time, then absence may simply be beyond your experience. Being a couple means being together. But mindsets can change.

On top of your personal interpretations:

About the absence, each of you will have a different perspective depending on whether you're the one leaving or staying. Try and work it out, chances are the relationship. will work.

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