5 Signs Your Pit Bull Injured His CCL

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You love your Pit Bull. Ever since you adopted him from the shelter,Guest Posting he's been just like a member of the family. You may have even found yourself thinking "Who rescued who?" Yet, you now can't help but notice something seems to be...wrong. Has he always sat like that? Didn't he used to enjoy going for walks? In fact, he may be suffering from a painful injury and not able to tell you what's going on.


Large breed dogs, like Pit Bulls, are susceptible to tearing their cranial cruciate ligament, or CCL. In fact, this cruciate damage is the second most common orthopedic condition found in dogs after hip dysplasia. The CCL primarily prevents the shin bone (tibia) from shifting forward and the thigh bone (femur) from shifting backwards. An injury causes instability of the joint, resulting in serious pain and discomfort. If you recognize any symptoms of a CCL injury, you'll want to order a CCL brace for dogs as soon as possible.


These are the signs and symptoms to look out for:


#1 Lameness

As your Pit Bull is running or playing, he can suddenly be so uncomfortable that he will not put the foot down at all. Some dogs, on the other hand, show a gradually worsening, on-and-off lameness over weeks or months.


#2 Clicking

The meniscus is a shock-absorbing pad of cartilage. It can become torn when the knee is moving in an abnormal way. This may create a “clicking noise” in the knee that can be heard when he is walking. Ouch!


#3 Stiffness

Your Pit Bull may seem to be “stiff” in his hind legs when he tries to get up from sitting or laying. Be aware of your dog's normal behavior so you can spot a change. Does it take him a long time to get up? Do his back legs seem stuck?


#4 Sitting abnormally

Your Pit Bull may sit or lie with his leg sticking out to the side rather than tucked in like he did in the past. This is because it now hurts to bend that knee.


#5 Knee swelling

A CCL injury causes inflammation and swelling in his knee. Over time, scar tissue will develop and the injured side will actually look bigger than the other knee.


It is time to get your Pit Bull the care and treatment he needs to be happy and healthy again. You can order his needed CCL brace from a reputable website online, one that also makes prosthetic legs for dogs and custom braces to be worn long term. You see, many people just like you love their dogs very much and want them to get the best healthcare possible. This has led to a rise in companies offering amazing ways to help your dog feel better again. Whether it is a prosthetic leg for dogs after a serious accident or ordering a CCL brace for your Pit Bull, people love their dogs and want only the best for them. A little TLC is what your rescue pup needs!

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