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beings on the planet comes with the responsibility of protecting these animals that want our help.

Our ancestors knew ways to co-exist with animals. They took only just as much was required,Guest Posting never wasting resources. Modern man has produced machines with sole objective ofexploiting natural resources. In this greed for much more and more we have destroyed beautiful forests which were home to countless species of birds and animals. With nowhere to look as well as their habitat depleting numerous little animals died, their death creates a cascading relation toanimals that go after them. Without any food to consume the bigger animals die as a result of starvation.

Some animals in their hunt for food enter human settlements where if spotted are brutally killed by humans. A few of them die because of poisoning after they go through garbage and eat something they are not meant to beeating.

The pollution attributable to industries and construction sites have changed the earth drastically. Water pollution owing to discharge of toxic effluents in water bodies has resulted in direct poisoning of fish and surge in temperature of water killing little organisms that serve as food for other aquatic animals. Not to mention rendering the water body useless to be used as drinking water. Air pollution has resulted in rise in temperatures and melting of ice in Polar Regions. It is estimated that by 2015 the entire North Pole might be without any ice. Where does that leave animals like polar bears to go?

Many animals are killed only for their fur. Alligators are killed for their skin, tigers for their bones and sharks for their fins. Majestic mammals like whales are mercilessly killed mainly formeat. Animals are placed in inhumane conditions and used as test subjects in laboratories.

It is estimated that on a daily basis there are many species of animals that happen to be driven to extinction by our selfish actions. Once an animal is extinct it will be gone forever all of our science and genetic discoveries cannot bring it back. The future generations will never be able to see these animals anymore. They could only read about it and see their pictures in books.

Man has to discover that we did not inherit the earth from our ancestors, however we now have borrowed it from our children. Immediate steps need to be taken up protect the eco system that sustains these beautiful animals. We have to stop exploiting forests and instead find replacement to those resources. Direct killing of animals ought to stop too. Animals are living beings too and feel pain. Being the most intelligent beings on the planet comes with the responsibility of protecting these animals that want our help.

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