African-Arab Muslims Teach Abraham Was Black?

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... teaching has deluded a group of Muslims into ... that Abraham was of ... stock, in other words he was 'Black' or Negro. Jesus teaches us to love one another ... of this or

Erroneous teaching has deluded a group of Muslims into believing that Abraham was of Ethiopian stock,Guest Posting in other words he was 'Black' or Negro. Jesus teaches us to love one another regardless of this or other beliefs.

A large percentage of the African-Arab Muslim people have been suffering under the delusion that they have direct genetic links to Father Abraham of the bible. This is the same Abraham that Jews, Chrisitans and Muslims claim as their Spiritual Father in that he is the one who received the 'promise' to Father the 'chosen people of God'.

Erroneous teaching has deluded this sect into believing that Abraham was of Ethiopian stock, in other words he was 'Black' or Negro if you prefer. The bible teaches us that he was called by God out of the heartland of what is now Iraq and all anthropological evidence demonstrates he was brown skinned with dark eyes and dark hair and possibly even white looking something like a typical Israelite.

The possibility of a lost Jewish Black population going from Ethiopia to eventually become the 12 tribes of the Jewish people and then eventually become the Nation of Israel is some kind of fiction a few people have tried to impress upon fact.

The historical problems stemming from Ishmael and the promise that came through Abraham to his lineage and the problem of the Arabs who proclaim Abraham their Father but don't recognize Israel's right to exist are much of the same kind of delusion. The only 'promise' that matters is the one whereby the Messiah would come and make all these conflicts a moot point.

The teachings of Jesus that help us to demonstrate love for our fellow man; regardless of his or her race, religion, ideology or culture was and continues to be the pivotal point whereby we can all live together on this planet without trying to kill one another.

Jesus is of the Jews as the bible teaches. "Salvation will be of the Jews'. The bible doesn't teach that the Jews have cornered the market on salvation, rather, the forgiveness that Jesus died for brings us salvation through that 'promise' that God made to Abraham that Abraham's seed would be blessed. Today we are all blessed through that same seed; the Messiah, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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