Care Tips For Jack Russell Terriers

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Find out what makes your jack happy and healthy...

Jack russell terriers! The name alone seems to signify intelligence,Guest Posting strong personality and bravery. But these attributes don't make them different from other breeds when it comes to grooming and caring. Like other breed of dog, jack russell terriers also need proper care and grooming in order to become healthy and happy. Feeling stressed out with your responsibility as dog owner? Here are some tips to help you provide you jack with excellent care:

This breed needs exercise.
Providing exercise among jack russell terriers is not something to be neglected. All dogs need exercise to prevent becoming moody and destructive. Some breeds do fine with just playing or running around the house in addition to daily walk. Jack russell terriers are different. They are high energy dogs that must be exercised properly to release their energy and maintain a healthy body weight. Take your jack out on a long, daily, brisk walk in addition to running, hunting and playing around.

Jacks shed year-round. To help control shedding, make it a habit to brush your dog every other day using a firm bristle brush. Brushing also helps prevent mats and provide your dog with glossy coat.

Frequent bathing is not necessary because doing so can dry out your dog's skin. It is therefore recommended to give bath every one to three months to help retain your dog's natural skin oil and moisture. The best indication that your dog needs a bath is when his coat begins to take on a yellowish tinge.

Watch your dog's weight.
Keep in mind that overweight or obese dogs have more health issues such as problems on heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and joints. Excess weight can also worsen osteoarthritis and may lead to diabetes.

Know your dog.
Knowing your dog's characteristics and traits can help you understand your dog's behavior. Know that jack russell terriers are absolutely fearless dogs thus they are more likely to develop aggression if not properly exercised and stimulated. They can also be stubborn, restless and destructive at times.

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