Creating Homemade Dog Shampoo

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Cutting back on the chemicals your pet is exposed to isn't always easy.  Homemade dog shampoo is a way to do it.

You need to help your dog repel fleas,Guest Posting ticks, and fight itchy skin.  But why does it seem every time you turn around you are pouring chemicals on your dog and into the environment?  It isn’t necessary!  Homemade dog shampoo can be easy to make.  


One benefit to making your dog’s shampoo is being able to control the ph level.  Some brands of dog shampoo aren’t actually made with a dog’s skin ph in mind! This means your dog’s skin could dry out.  There are two great ways to combat this.  Choose an organic dog shampoo that you get from a respectable designer dog supplier.  Or make your own homemade dog shampoo.


Both homemade dog shampoo and purchased organic dog shampoo are free of harsh chemicals and better for the environment!


For Homemade Dog Shampoo You Need:


·         A container to store your shampoo in.  Old shampoo or dish soap bottles can work well for this.  Make sure you clean them out completely and create a new clear label.


·         A large container to mix everything in.  Choose something with a tight lid and room to mix inside.  A milk jug works great.


·         A funnel to transfer your homemade dog shampoo from your mixing jug to your storage jar.



Things to Keep in Mind:


·         There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  If you are using essential oils remember not to overdo it.  Even natural things can be irritating to the skin in too high of concentrations.  And your dog’s sense of smell is stronger than yours, don’t overwhelm their nose!


·         It is always wise to consult your vet before changing the products you use on your dog, especially if your dog has sensitive skin or is prone to issues.



You can find a number of different recipes for homemade dog shampoo.   Like when you are shopping for organic dog shampoo you may find they each have slightly different benefits.  Some may be better at taking care of dirt and other may be more aggressive at repelling bugs!


You may also find that some call for more ingredients than others.  Some recipes rely on things you can find around your home, others you will probably need to go to a specialty shop for certain elements.  It all depends on your preference!   And remember if you become overwhelmed a dog supply carrier that offers an organic dog shampoo is a great alternative!


A Beginner’s Mix:


Here is a dog shampoo that both works well and is easy to make.  You will probably already have most of these ingredients on hand.  Here is what you need:


·         1 Cup Ivory Clear Dishwashing Soap

·         1 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar

·         ¾ Cup Water

·         ¼ Cup Glycerin (You can find this in health stores or the first aid section of your grocery store)


Use your funnel to pour each of these four ingredients into your mixing container.  Put the cover on tight and SHAKE!  Once you’ve gotten everything mixed together pour your mix into separate smaller containers for storage.  Remember to save yourself time you can double or triple your original mix. 


Don’t forget to label your new shampoo. You don’t want a mix up!


What Does This Do?


The dish soap serves the basic purpose of loosening and cleaning off the dirt on your pup!  The apple cider serves two purposes.  The first is to bring the dish soap to a proper ph level.  Second it clears up that unpleasant dog smell and repels fleas.  The glycerin moisturizes your dog’s skin.  Moisturized skin is less itchy!


Whether you choose homemade dog shampoo or an organic dog shampoo from your trusted dog supplier, regular grooming of your dog will cut down the number of baths your pup will need.  Be careful what you use on your pet’s skin, just because it is homemade doesn’t mean it is safe! And remember to use only the recommended amounts of ingredients over doing some ingredients, even natural ones, can spell trouble. 



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