Do blue nose pit bulls like to swim?

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If you have a blue nose pitbull and are thinking of taking him to the riverside picnic, you need to read this article. You should know whether your dog likes to swim, or you may force him to swim.

All those people who plan to go on a picnic on the riverside or on a beach along with their dogs need to know whether their dog likes to swim or not. Many dogs love to some,Guest Posting while some hate swimming. You may have heard saying a lot of people that all dogs can swim and like to swim, but that's not true. Many dogs love to swim, but many dogs don't like swimming because they find it very hard to swim. A blue nose pitbull is also one of those dogs. There are various reasons for that. Let's talk about those reasons.

Why don't blue nose pit bulls like to swim?

Due to the body structure, it's tough to swim for blue nose pit bulls. These dogs have a broad chest, big heads, short muzzles, and heavy bodies. Due to this type of body proportion, their body's center of gravity is on the front side. In this situation, it's really difficult for them to keep their head higher than the body's back part. Their muscular body is another drawback when it comes to swimming. Muscles are denser than the water. That's why dogs with muscles find it really hard to swim as compared to dogs with fat on their bodies. All these things make it hard for this dog to swim. I am not saying that blue nose pit bulls can't swim forever. If you train them properly, you can make them swim, but they have to make a lot of struggle to keep their head above the water level. Due to this level of difficulty, these dogs don't like to swim.

Can I make them like swimming?

Yes, you can, but you have to make a lot of effort. You have to start training when they are six months old puppies because dogs learn quickly at an early age. Six months is the standard time, don't introduce them to the water before that, and don't delay too much. Here are some guidelines:

  • Don't take your dog directly to the big pool.
  • Introduce them to the kid's pool first with little water in it. It will help them to start loving water.
  • Keep increasing water with time, keeping in mind that the dog is comfortable with water.
  • Once your blue nose pitbull is fully comfortable in the kids' pool, take him to the big pool.
  • Don't leave your dog alone in the big pool because it's not easy for pit bulls to swim. You have to stay along his side all the time. It will increase his confidence, and he'll feel safe if you are with him. Please hold your dog all the time during the first few days.
  • Don't spend too much time in the pool because Pit bulls will get tired early. You have to bring him out of the pool before he gets tired.
  • You can also take some toys to the pool. It will help to engage his attention, and he'll love to spend more time in the pool.
  • With time, your dog's stamina will increase, and he'll be able to spend more time in the water. That's how you can make your blue nose pitbull love swimming.

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