Dobermans - Jekyll and Hyde?

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We are all familiar with Dobermans as they are portrayed on television and in movies. You might be surprised to learn they are really quite different.

Dobermans are the only dogs bred specifically for guard and protection work. They were developed to protect the tax collector in the 1800's. They can look fierce,Guest Posting and thanks to the media, they have a reputation as dangerous dogs.   There is no doubt that Dobermans are working dogs, meant to protect their territory and their people. Dobermans are extremely loyal and will do anything necessary to defend and protect their family. They are known to be fearless. They excel in Schutzhund trials, which is highly specialized training in obedience, tracking and protection.    So, you might assume that you could never have a Doberman as a family pet, especially with kids. You imagine the nightmare of having your dog attack people without warning. Maybe you can only imagine having a Doberman roaming your property or your business, scaring intruders away and tearing bad guys to shreds. In fact, any dog that is not socialized, and left on his own indefinitely, to fend for himself, will become viciously territorial.

The truth about Dobermans may surprise you. While its true Dobermans were bred as protection dogs, the reason they are so good at their job is because they are so devoted and loyal to their owners. Dobermans need to be with their people. They are known as velcro dog specifically because they want to be as physically close to their family as possible. You have never seen anything so silly as a 100 pound Doberman trying to sit on your lap.   Dobermans are known to be very intelligent, easily trained dogs. Their owners know, they are often stubborn, silly and downright comical. If you raise your Doberman puppy with your children and other pets, he will love them unconditionally. They are gentle and you may be surprised to know, they are very sensitive. A Doberman will not be happy in a home with lots of chaos and stress.   I know my Doberman, Thunder gets upset and goes into the corner when he thinks there is discord in the house. He gets very worried and needs to be reassured that all is well. He also does not like to be alone in a thunderstorm. On the other hand, if a stranger approaches his backyard, he acts like a crazy, vicious attack dog, and I know without a doubt that if it became necessary, he would give his life for us.   I would have to say that in a way, Dobermans are in fact like Jekyll and Hyde. Your devoted, scary guard dog, is also your big, silly lap dog.  I do not think you can appreciate this unless you live with one, or two or three!

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