Equine Laser Therapy for a Variety of Ailments in Horses

Jan 17


David Smith Traveller

David Smith Traveller

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We keep a wide range of equine laser therapy machines for sale which are well-suited to treat almost all kinds of ailments in horses. We also provide training to personnel so that they can become proficient in laser therapy for horses. Contact us to examine our equine lasers for sale personally and order as many as you want. We offer special discounts on bulk orders.


Equine laser therapy was introduced in the horse community over 3 decades ago. Since then, Equine Laser Therapy for a Variety of Ailments in Horses Articles it has become extremely popular among the top horse trainers, the horse racers, and the horse stables community because of its effectiveness and cost efficiency. Now all kinds of ailments in horses, such as  injuries, infections, diseases, illnesses, and even exhaustion can be treated with ease with laser therapy for horses.


Our website provides some of the best equine laser therapy machines available in the market today. They are very high powered and focused lasers. One can target the exact area which needs to be treated with accuracy and precision. There are minimal risks involved. Even those can be reduced to zero if the equine laser therapy machine is handled by someone who is an expert in this field of treatment.


Laser therapy for horses has become so popular because this kind of treatment carries with it a lot of benefits. It is very easy to use, provided one has the right kind of training within this field of treatment. It allows one to target the body parts of the horses with 100% accuracy and precision and with zero risk of human error since no surgical instruments or medicinal drugs are involved in the treatment. It is extremely cost effective, even cheap, since a single equine laser therapy machine can be used to treat thousands upon thousands of ailments in scores of horses. This way, horse owners can avoid the costs that are associated with repeated visits to a horse veterinarian. This kind of treatment doesn’t leave any permanent negative effects such as scar tissue, or unseemly blotches. It is very safe, cosmetically speaking. Equine laser therapy is especially suited for treating pain and inflammation, arthritis, and joint and spine issues. It also speeds up healing process of wounds exponentially.


Common injuries found in equines -

  1. Joint inflammation -

Inflammation in a horse’s body results due to the presence of an irritant on the horse’s skin. The immune system of the horse responds to the irritant by making the area where the irritant is present red. Most often the horse also experiences itching in the area and it also swells. The irritant can be a germ, but it can also be a foreign object, such as a thorn or a splinter in the horse’s skin.

What happens is that due to the presence of a foreign object, the immune system of the horse responds by releasing white blood cells in the area. These white blood cells make the skin turn red and cause both a rise in temperature and itching in the horse’s body. Some fluids may also leak into the tissues and skin in that area causing swelling. An equine laser therapy machine is ideal for treating inflammation by sending powerful pulses of laser in the affected area. This reduces the swelling within a few hours and then the area can be cleaned to remove the presence of foreign objects without causing discomfort or pain to the horse.

  1. Suspensory ligament injuries -

When a horse carries weight, it is the suspensory ligament which helps it hold up that weight. The suspensory ligament changes its shape when the horse puts on too much and it returns to a normal shape when the weight is taken off the horse. But when the horse carries too much weight for a prolonged period of time, the ligament can tear open. If this happens, the horse experiences immense pain and can not walk, trot, or gallop properly.

Sometimes the horse owner may try to force the horse to carry weight again, or to walk, trot, or gallop faster when it is already suffering from suspensory ligament injuries. This is because of a poor fund of knowledge about horse anatomy and horse capabilities.

An equine laser therapy machine can be of great assistance here, provided it is operated by a trained person who is competent in its use. The laser can target the ligament injuries directly and if there is a tear, it can accelerate the healing process exponentially. It does this by regenerating the injured tissue in the ligament and making it regrow at an accelerated rate.


DDFT damage -

DDFT injuries are among the most dangerous injuries that can occur with a horse, and can put the horse out of form for 9 to 12 months. The full form of DDFT is deep digital flexor tendon. In adult horses, the tendon grows very long and stretches down the back of the leg and goes behind the heel, ending at the bottom of the coffin bone.

We recognize that a DDFT is one of the most dangerous injuries a horse can suffer from. So we offer customized equine laser therapy machines for sale which can treat these kinds of injuries. They can shorten the rehabilitation process from 9 to 12 months (with traditional therapy) to only 1 to 2 months. They do this by sending high powered laser pulses into the affected area and causing the injured muscle to regenerate rapidly.


Equine back pain -

Horses frequently suffer from back pain and this can be a big problem and can hamper the horse in performing its day to day tasks. Usually the source of back pain is a stiffness in the muscles, and this can be addressed by assigning a trainer to rubbing down the horse frequently. But many a times the cause is something else entirely. The saddle of the horse may not be a good fit for its size. It may be too small or too tight which will cause it to dig into the horse’s back painfully. Or its bridle may be too short, resulting in the horse’s back curving unnaturally.

If the horse is a young one, the back pain can even occur because of the horse’s bones growing too fast relatively speaking. That elongation can cause a mismatch between the back muscles and the skeletal structure of the horse, causing intense back pain. Not much can be done in terms of treatment in such cases. For the other causes, equine laser therapy will provide immense relief and a light pulse-based massage. Even in the case of natural pain, the laser therapy for horses will be able to reduce the pain and give the horse a measure of comfort. This is why we keep several equine lasers for sale for horse trainers and horse racers around the world.


One should be careful about misjudging the reason for back pain. Sometimes lameness in one or more limbs can be the primary reason for equine back pain, but the examiner can diagnose the reason as something else incorrectly.