French Bulldog Breed

May 13


Leslie N Casemore

Leslie N Casemore

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The pros and cons of owning a French bulldog


Owning A French Bulldog
Many people including film stars and celebrities have taken to the French bulldog and are keeping them as pets. They are smaller than the normal type of bulldog but on the whole are more docile,French Bulldog Breed Articles loveable and easier to look after. While a few may find the American Bulldogs frame and looks to be frightening, its miniaturized version, the French bulldog does not give off the same vibes. It will also be found that the French bulldog is better inside the home than the American version
An adult French bulldog would stand about 600mm to it's highest point. Some other breeds of French bulldogs are considerably smaller. They are even lightweight as compared to other dogs, even with their thickset body, they can weigh only about 19 to 22 pounds, the larger class weight can weigh approaching 22 to 28 pounds.

And like in any other purchase, you ought to weigh first the Pros and Cons of a product, or in this situation, the dogs breed, and see if the advantages would be much better in your position than the disadvantages. Here are some of the fundemental differences that should be taken into account when deciding on a purchase But remember, dogs, like humans, are individuals too and may well tend to be dissimilar to some of the others. So what may be a pro to one French bulldog, may not be existing in another, and vice versa.


They can be very intelligent and can be educated very easily. They can be very skilled watchdogs when taught properly. You will find that they are quite quiet and do not bark excessively. They bark simply when they have something to tell you and that includes having a burglar in your home. French bulldogs also have a lovely temper and are well behaved. It's also quite strange that they like to hunt mice and other vermin and you will not therefore need the family cat for this purpose. Most of all, French bulldogs are splendid companion dogs. They are very boisterous, lovable and enjoy a lot of excercise. Because of their little stature, they do not require too much space or a big back or front yard to mess about or exercise in.


When not taught well, a French bulldog cannot be relied on as a guard dog.

They are also known to develop breathing problems because of there body structure and they are not very good swimmers. It has also been found because of their bloodline they find it difficult to produce young. They are also renowned for having a number of other health concerns. That is why they can be quite costly and would be inclined to require more than regular visitations to a vet.

With all the advantages and disadvantages of owning a French bulldog would you be able to cope with owning one!


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