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Training is very important in every dog's life. Know more about portuguese water dog training here...

Hypoallergenic curly hair,Guest Posting brown eyes, love for fun, and above all, that magnetic intelligence... The Portie is all that, but also more! Just because it's been decades since the breed worked for rough and ready fishermen does not mean that he has morphed somehow into some sedate couch dog. Their heritage is actually the root of the breed's intense spirit. Read this article if you want to know more of why passing up on  Portuguese water dog training is the biggest mistake a Portie owner can make!

Incidentally, the Portuguese water dog is not for a first-time dog owner. This breed is high-energy and can be stubborn, sometimes bordering on annoying persistence. The dog's retrieving instinct makes him want to always have something in its mouth (read: practically anything this powerful dog is capable of reaching and carrying).

But if we are going to situate the dog in what he was bred for, the strong character really has a rationale. The dog was a complete package that assisted the fishermen in getting home the day's catch; the dogs would dive underwater to retrieve or search for lines and nets or to send communications to another boat. In the present day, the dog's intelligence  is still very much capable of putting two and two together, in such a way that if he thinks nobody is trying to take charge of the family (or pack), he will manipulate things in such a way that he gets to be boss. If this dog were shedding (fortunately, he does not), the total amount of time per week spent grooming him would exceed the amount of weekly time spent cleaning up his hair. The dog barks at anything that alarms him, and hates losing sight of his favorite human (or his master).

The Portie has a remarkable and well-proportioned body structure that shows the result of centuries of breeding for one of the most complete working breeds. His muscular body allows him to counter surf (stand on hind legs in order to take a look at what's going on beyond the usual dog eye level), jump on tables, and beat it over low fences; a thick-based tail can be a good rudder under water, and his fifth limb on land.

Often times, the PWD's bursts of pent-up energy is interpreted by the uninformed as intrusive and bare-faced rudeness. If his independence is going to have its own way, he would like to meet visitors and guests literally at eye level, which is expressed in the dog's jumping up on the person (example of “dominant dog” behavior which needs to be trained away).

In sum, the PWD is too good to pass up: a master schemer hiding in sheep(-like) clothing, always begging to be part of any game or work activity, and if the opportunity allows it, to get people to be at his beck and call. With early, consistent and positive-reinforcement Portuguese water dog training, this dog will do what his master tells him with energy and focus.

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