Greyhound Training: Family Pet

Oct 16


Richard Cussons

Richard Cussons

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Though they were originally bred for coursing game and racing,Greyhound Training: Family Pet Articles many people consider greyhounds as wonderful household pets. Concealed behind those long and powerful legs are usually quiet, gentle and affectionate animals that can get along well with children, dogs and other family pets. No wonder the greyhound's popularity as household pet is growing. As such, many people are definitely hunting for simple yet effective greyhound training tips.

The first step in greyhound training is to understand the breed's traits and personality. This breed, though with reputation as a racing dog, is not actually a high-energy dog. They do not require extensive exercise like other breeds of the same size. To keep them physically and mentally healthy, leashwalk of three to four times a day is recommended along with occasional trip to the nearby dog park or around the neighborhood.

Greyhound training is not just about obedience, manners and agility. It also includes building good relationship through open communication. As breed that often becomes attached to its owners, greyhounds can become sensitive to your moods and actions. A greyhound may get upset if he feels like you are upset. This gentle and affectionate breed is also easily offended by harshness thus precaution must be taken so as not to offend and frighten them. It is also the very same reason why positive reinforcement should be used in greyhound training. Praises and giving of treats or toys are far more effective than slapping him with a rolled newspaper just to train him with a certain command.

Even if you know that your pet did something unacceptable, physical punishment is still discouraged for it will only cause behavior issues. The best way to correct a greyhound is to catch him in the act of doing something. Like when you catch him urinating inside the house, instead of rubbing his nose in the spot, make a noise to distract him and immediately take him to the designated area and let him finish there. Reward him when he goes out.

Keeping a greyhound as a pet is not a complicated thing as long as you understand this breed's natural instinct to run and to chase. Allow him to run around and chase small furry things as long as it is safe for him to do so.

While it is important to make training fun for you and your dog, you should also see to it that you have your pet's respect.

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