How are Army Dogs Trained?

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Army dog training is different from pet training as these dogs are trained under harsh conditions to do tough jobs. To train an army dog, you need to set the standards high, not just for the dog, but also for yourself as a trainer. This article highlights some of the interesting facts about training dogs for the army.

Dogs learn quickly,Guest Posting no matter how old they are. Training an army dog is quite a daunting process but there are skilled trainers for the task. If you need to train a dog for military obedience, you need to pick a high standard trainer for the same. Choosing the right environment is also equally important as you can seldom train your dog in a crowded public place or your living room. You need a place where there is a minimum distraction and you can let your dog run around and play for a bit. Gradually, you can begin to train your dog. Are you curious about how a military dog is trained? Let us peek at some of the highlights.

When it comes to training their dogs, the military has its own unique style and training procedures.


Dogs are different not just in their breeds but their personality and behavioral patterns. While some dogs can perform some tasks better than others can, it is essential to understand that patience is the key to training any dog. Military dog trainers are trained to identify the unique strengths and weaknesses of the dogs and train them accordingly with patience, endurance, and consistency. They help the dogs to develop their skills in a gradual and consistent manner without being impatient and angry. Repetition is the key to achieving success when it comes to training dogs for the army. The amount of training a dog requires depends on its behavior and capabilities.

Rewards and socialization

One of the best motivators is praise when it comes to training your dog. It motivates them to perform better after every task. However, unlike a pet dog, military dogs are trained under harsh conditions to obtain greater endurance. Therefore, they are offered rewards or praises only when the command is executed correctly. Military dog trainers ensure to praise the dog at the right time to avoid confusing the dog. Army dogs are trained to socialize in a variety of environments to build their confidence. It will help them to work around strangers and other dogs without being reclusive.

Obedience commands

Army dog training also includes different kinds of obedience commands such as sit, heel, stay, down. These dogs are trained to learn these commands with a visual cue as well as a verbal cue. Military dog trainers begin their training session by building a rapport with the dogs which is essential as these dogs are not meant to be friendly. Consistent training is another aspect that these trainers emphasize.

Army dog training takes time and patience, though some dogs are quite smart and intelligent and learn quickly. Always remember -some dogs are known for their willingness to learn whereas some are not.

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