How to Choose Dog Toys

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Choosing the right dog toys for your pet is important for his entertainment and safety as well.

Dog toys are not just a treat for your dog. You are not “spoiling” them by giving them toys to play with. Like a child that will act out and misbehave when they are bored,Guest Posting dogs use toys to explore, to entertain themselves and to interact with their human friends. They also may use their toys as a source of comfort when they are scared or lonely.  If you do not provide the dog the mental and physical stimulation that they need, their boredom can lead to serious and destructive as well as potentially dangerous behaviors. But, toys need to be selected with great care or they can become a hazard to your pet’s health and safety especially if they are playing with them unattended.

Choosing the Right Size and Material for Your Dog

Just as not all dogs are created equally, not all dog toys are the same. Some dogs have a softer mouth than others, meaning that they are delicate and should have softer toys to bite on and enjoy. Some dogs will chew through a soft toy too quickly and should have firmer, more durable toys. Regardless of whether you are getting soft or firm dog toys, make sure that they are of the right size. A toy that is too large is no fun to play with while one that is too small can become lodged in your dog’s throat and may choke him.

If you are concerned about the toy that you are considering, ask for assistance from your vet or from a pet store employee, making sure that you tell them about your dog’s breed, age and general habits. What is right for a Pomeranian may not be right for a German shepherd.

Introducing a New Toy to Your Pet (and Throwing Away the Old Ones)

Just as children will become attached to certain toys, your dog might love one of his toys literally to death. Once it becomes disgusting, dirty or torn up, it is usually time to throw it away- if you can get it away from your four legged “child”. The problem is that he may do everything in his power to get his toy back out of the trash. Try giving him a new, similar toy and wait until he is interested in playing with it before you take the old one away. Remember, it may take some time for the dog to decide to like the new toy as much as he did the old one.  Give him some time and he will add his scent to it, making it more familiar. Some dogs adapt to all kinds of dog toys while others are fine with just one or two –all dogs are different and only you know your pet.

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