Improve Your Porch With Exterior Fans

May 3


Craig Thornburrow

Craig Thornburrow

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Learn to enjoy the outdoor area of your home again by adding exterior fans.


For most people,Improve Your Porch With Exterior Fans Articles enjoying the great outdoors would be a lot more enjoyable if only there were exterior fans everywhere. In fact, too many homeowners neglect to use their own porch because Mother Nature dictates the temperature. Or many people put off enjoying their patio or deck until late evening when the temperature is just right.

The summer heat can be brutal. For example, anyone in the South or Florida knows that the heat can come early, hit hard and last well into late fall. Without a way to cool off the outdoors it seems many a porch or patio goes to waste. Using outdoor ceiling fans can make all the difference in the world. Until you have tried one you may not even realize the difference it can make.

Adding it to Your Home

Whether your patio, porch or deck is screened in or not, the heat hits either way. This can be especially brutal if you get any amount of direct sunlight for any period of time during the day. Improve your outdoor area instantly with the flip of a switch to turn on your fan.

Although you still may want to add sun shades in areas with a great deal of direct sunlight, your outdoor fans can turn almost any area into a pleasant seating area morning, noon or night. You can enjoy it alone or host sizeable outdoor social events by cooling things off with an adjustable speed fan. Create a subtle cool breeze or something closer to an arctic wind with just the right outdoor fan.

There’s More Than the Cooling Factor

For many people exterior fans also help cut down on bug control. Although it is generally a good idea to also use bug lights, candles or citronella, outdoor fans can cause enough breeze to make bugs less likely to ruin the day or evening. This is especially important for those who seem to attract mosquitoes even when wearing repellent.

These annoying biting and stinging insects tend to be attracted to the scent given off by the skin, especially with even a light amount of perspiration. Keeping yourself cool reduces the chance for sweat to form or insects to be attracted by it. Combine an outdoor fan and your favorite bug deterrent and your outdoor life could be as close to bug free as possible.

In addition to helping with bugs, adding porch fans can also help increase the value of your home. By choosing just the right style of fans in fact, you will enhance the look and style while increasing the value of your home. The bottom line is whether you intend to enjoy them or hope future home owners will, these fans can do wonders for your porch, patio or deck.

There are also plenty of styles to choose from. Southern plantation style homes with the New Orleans porches or even more modern and contemporary choices, as well as anything in between, are just part of the selections available. Choose your perfect style and get hours of enjoyment from your outdoor seating area.