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Cats are one of the animals domesticated and raised in the house. Many people like cats because they are quiet and elegant. Despite their calm appearance, their claws and teeth are quite sharp. Cats are the perfect cuddle buddy. The cat is a small carnivorous mammal that loves its food. In case you are skeptical about owning cats as a pet. Here are a few interesting facts about cats.

Cats are one of the animals domesticated and raised in the house. Many people like cats because they are quiet and elegant. Despite their calm appearance,Guest Posting their claws and teeth are quite sharp. Cats are the perfect cuddle buddy. The cat is a small carnivorous mammal that loves its food. In case you are skeptical about owning cats as a pet. Here are a few interesting facts about cats.Cats Are BossyCats are generally lazy animals. They prefer to lay around, stretch and purr. When they want something, they make sure you give it to them. Even if their owner is sleeping, they will do everything to wake them up to attend to their needs. As a cat owner, if you want to enjoy your rest, feed your cat first. It will most likely sleep after eating, and you can get the deserved rest.Cats Can Recognize HumansIt is not surprising that cats recognize people, but not in the way you think they do. They can not recognize people’s faces. They can, however, recognize individuals based on their smell, voice, and behavior. Cats usually recognize their owners from the voice and scent. Cats Love AffectionCats are social animals. They love and crave affection. Leaving your cat alone for an extended period can make it sad. Cats love when they are treated with love, given treats, and cuddled. Research has proven that cats are sensitive to both emotional and physical gestures. Your cat may roll over as an indication that it is happy and wants your attention.Cats Are IndifferentCats can be difficult or stubborn except when it comes to food. They are care-free and do not care as long as they lazy around happily. Your cat can ignore you, not because it does not recognize its name, but they are too lazy to attend to you.Cats Can Feel SadCats can understand that crying or being downcast can mean you are sad. Although they may not be able to interpret this sadness, they can recognize your habits. For example, you spend a lot of time in bed when sad. When your cat comes around, you tend to scratch and cuddle it. When your cat notices that you are spending time in bed, it is coming for the cuddles. It is sort of like a conditioned behavior. Your cat can feel sad if something is wrong with it. If you notice your cat being lethargic, get it to the vet immediately.The Right Way To Pet Your CatCats like to be scratch on the head, cheeks, and under the chin. You can also rub the length of their body to elicit a purr. Cats, however, do not appreciate you scratching their underbelly as it is uncomfortable. Sleep LovingAn interesting fact is that cats spend 70% of their life sleeping. They can sleep for about 14-15 hours each day. It does not help when you are having a bad day and decide to sleep-in. They gladly join you in your prolonged sleeping activities.AgilityDespite the general notations that cats are lazy, they are agile. They need to play to get rid of all that excess energy. A cat can leap to a height of eight feet. An interesting fact about cat is that they can leap to a height five times their height- amazing, right! This is why they can scale fences and jump from one rooftop to the other.Cats SweatYou may be wondering how a cat can manage to sweat. You could also swear that you have never noticed your cat sweat. The interesting fact is cats have sweat pores on their paws!Cats Are TerritorialUnlike bigger cat species that fight for dominance, this feline is non-confrontational. They like to rub their furs on their owner as a way of marking their territory.Unique FeaturesA cat has three eyelids- shocking, I know. Next time you per your feline, pay close attention to the eyes. Another unique feature of a cat is its nose. No two cats have the same type of nose. A cat's nose is as unique as can be.Oldest FelineThe average life expectancy of a cat is 16 years. This average reduces if the cat is homeless or living in the wild. The oldest cat as recorded by the Guinness Book lived for 38 years. Crème Puff died in 2005. Her owner claimed that her diet of red wine, turkey, broccoli, and eggs contributed to her long life. Cats Are WealthyAre you surprised that cats can amass wealth? Maybe they have a cat industry where they work? Remember, they are lazy so getting a full-time job is unlikely. Blackie is the richest cat in history. His owner left him a wealth of about 12 million dollars, as stated in his will.No Receptor For Sweet TasteCats cannot taste sweet things. This is why you can leave your cookies and cake lying around without the fear of them pouncing on them. The inability to taste sweet things is a common feature of carnivores.Cats Walk On Their ToesHave you ever wondered how the term “cat-walk” came into play? It comes from the sleek and classy way a cat walks. This is because a cat walks with its toes. If a cat does not purr, you will not realize it has walked to you. They have the digitigrade stance that gives them a pouncing advantage and serves as a shock absorber during landing. Cats Share DNA With TigersOne interesting fact about cat is that its DNA is about 95% similar to that of Tigers. Tigers are a bigger, more active form of Cats. They are both jumpers, and their paws are quiet when they walk. This gives the Tiger an edge to catch its prey. The Cutest BreedsThe Turkish Angora easily tops the list with its graceful look and beautiful fur. The Bengel breed is playful and likes to cuddle. The Toyger is another breed that makes you swoon. The Scottish Fold is a breed that you can’t stop yourself from loving.

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