Top 10 Scary Creatures More Terrifying Than The Megalodon

Apr 7


mohamed aamer

mohamed aamer

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Scary Creatures More Terrifying Than The Megalodon .strangest animals in sea "Helicoprion,strangest animals in sea "Mosasaurus

10. strangest animals in sea "Helicoprion



Helicoprion,Top 10 Scary Creatures More Terrifying Than The Megalodon Articles alike understood as the helical mouthed killer.

terrifying the oceans nearly 300 million times agone, and thank God for that.


The Helicoprion was a fantastic type of shark that had one of the craziest group of teeth in natural chronicle. It’s unusual feature of teeth has been a huge debate in the scientific community, and it’s easy to see why. The incomparable scorbutic that have been plant of this animal contain blocks of spiraled teeth, and scientists are quietly testing to figure out exactly how they would have perhaps fit into the shark’s mouth.




What they do know is that, like many modern sharks, the Helicoprion most likely had to replace their teeth pretty often. 

Numerous images online show the intimidating shark with a buzz- aphorism mouth, but some scientists accept that the tooth- curl may have actually been located inside the shark’s throat.I don’t care where those teeth are located, all I know is I don’t want them anywhere near me. 


9. strangest animals in sea "Mosasaurus 

if you thought the megalodon was big, you ain't seen nothing yet. The Mosasaurus was a prehistoric marine reptile that grew up to 60 ft in length. Now the max possible length of a meg was 60 ft but that was the biggest of the big. Most mosasaurs reached at least 55-56 ft. So both are pretty much the same size too. 


It existed during the late Cretaceous period nearly 70 to 66 million years ago. The name itself means lizard of the Meuse River and it was dubbed as one of the most dangerous animals in the water during the Cretaceous period. Like these things did not come to mess around. They lived near the ocean surface and ate mostly fish, turtles and other smaller mosasaurs and they didn't like to dive too deep into the water. The mosasaurus itself looks sort of like a gigantic emphasis on gigantic crocodiles that just had fins. 





If you want a good indication of what this creature looked like you can see it very clearly in Jurassic World in the scene where the people are watching the water and the mosasaurus leaps out and eats a great white shark. And that was probably just a light snack before lunch. 


8. strangest animals in sea "Jaekelopterus

 What’s worse than a scorpion? A sea scorpion that’s bigger than you. This creature was known to be a predator nearly 400 million years ago and was probably willing to eat anything smaller than itself. Rumour has it- that included members of its own species. This creepy straggler grew to over eight bases long.


I’m 5’7, so let’s put that into perspective. Arthropod is a group of species that include insects, lobsters, and crabs. This guy is the largest discovered species of the whole group. 


They also had huge spiked claws that could kill a fish with ease. Experts believe that they would ambush their prey with their claws before tearing the meal apart.


7. strangest animals in sea "Quetzalcoatlus 

This beast was a pterosaur from the Late Cretaceous period and it is one of the largest known flying animals of our world.  That's a heavy title to carry.  


Think of this creature as pterodactyl on steroids. Their wingspan was known to reach anywhere between 40-52 ft wide and its minimum wingspan was 36ft. The Quetzelcoatlus also had a very long sharp pointed beak and they would mostly eat like any modern day skimmer. Even though at their size they could probably kill anything that they may have been roaming around with at the time, let's be real. They'd catch a lot of fish during flight while skimming the waves and they didn't actually have any teeth. Other people speculate they didn't skim at all and in fact ate like scavengers.


 There's not a significant amount known about the species but one thing for sure. If that thing is 15x bigger than i am you can get your ass you won't find me anywhere near it. 


6. strangest animals in sea "Titanoboa 

If the movie Anaconda scared you, you might want to skip this one. 


Titanoboa is the largest snake that ever existed. I’m speaking in past tense because yes they are extinct and yes I am happy about it. 


This heavy snake reared to further than 40 feet lengthy and could count up to 2500 pounds.


To help put things in perspective, that’s almost as much as a grown giraffe weighs. HUGE. Similar to the Anaconda, they can fit their entire prey into their mouth with just one swallow. And I'm not talking about little mice, I’m talking deers, jaguars, and even humans. Apparently this terrifying creature appeared not long after the dinosaurs went extinct; I guess the world needed a new top predator. I think I’d actually prefer having a dinosaur around. 












5. strangest animals in sea "Liopleurodon 


Now, this animal is another carnivorous oceanic reptile and it's a kind of plesiosaur.




The name liopleurodon itself means smooth-sided teeth. They lived during the Callovian stage of the middle Jurassic period and were literally the apex predators in the sea near Europe at that time. The largest one ever recorded was a bit over 33 ft long, whereas the average size of them is somewhere between 16 and 23 ft. They also weighed a ton. I'm talking 2000-4000 pounds. Their teeth were around 7cm long and the animal itself was mainly found near England and France. The beast had 4 strong paddle-like limbs which made it very good at accelerating especially after whatever prey it wanted. If something that big and that fast came after me in the water I would just let it take me honestly. There would be no point in me even attempting to swim away. The liopleurodon would probably laugh at me in that scenario. Like I myself would be a joke. 


4. strangest animals in sea "Megatherium 


When we think of sloths we probably think of cute cuddly animals that sleep all day and mind their own business. A sloth isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of deadly monsters. 

But, the Megatherium lived more like a ultramodern idleness, in big size.Not only was it giant, but it was known to be angry. 


It conducted like a idleness, kind of came across like a bear, and was about the size of an elephant.And no, I’m not exaggerating. It was huge. 



Unlike an elephant though, this giant sloth also had giant claws and could stand on its hind legs to appear even bigger to other animals. This is one sloth I have no interest in petting, and turns out I wouldn’t be able to anyways because they went extinct over 10’000 years ago. 


3. strangest animals in sea "Thalattoarchon 

This was a type of ichthyosaur and it was alive near Western America during the Middle Triassic era and it was known to be the oldest known marine reptile that was also an apex predator. Finally, we have all our information about this creature from one single holotype, the FMNH PR 3032 that was found in 2010. 


So this is a pretty recent discovery go science. The total length of a thalattoarchon is around 28 to 30 ft and it was actually one of the first marine predators that was able to eat prey as big as itself. Their teeth had two edges that could both cut through prey so either way whatever its eating is getting torn to shreds big time. I wish i could say more about how it lived and how it ate but not enough is known about the animal for me to do so. I mean it was only formally described in 2013 so, Give me 5 years and i'll come back to this with more info. 

2. strangest animals in sea "Scolopendra Gigantea

Scolopendra Gigantea, also known as my biggest fear. If you are deathly afraid of centipedes like me, then this one will make you cringe. 


It is the tallest centipede in the world, measuring 26 centimeters tall, also known as 10 inches.



They’ve been found in the center of South America. Not only is it huge, long, and creepy, but to top it off it has modified jaws on his head which can trap and deliver venom to its prey. 


Its usual prey is mice, lizards, and frogs.  but if you happen to get bit by one of them, it can cause severe swelling and fever. Their venom is toxic to humans.  The fact that this one isn’t extinct is a complete nightmare for me. 

1.strangest animals in sea " Livyatan 

Now this big boy is actually an extinct genus of sperm whale and it got its name from the sea monster Leviathan. 


It was mostly found near Peru and South America and it was around during the Tortonian stage of the Miocene epic which was 9-8 million years ago. It was a hyper predatory sperm whale and was lowkey actually no not even lowkey it was a highkey apex predator. It grew to around 44-57 ft long again nearly the size of a Megalodon and the tallest tooth ever recorded from one was more than 14 inches big. That is the largest tooth ever recorded of any known animal. 


Its teeth were very deeply embedded into its gums and they also interlocked which helped them hold struggling prey. Like they need any more advantages. 


According to Discover magazine this creature lived during the same time as the Megalodon and it actually ate other whales that were 20-30 ft big and competed with the meg for similar prey. If you can't find something scarier than the meg then find something just as scary.